• Crazy Socks 4 Docs day

    When you or your family is sick or injured, healthcare workers are there to help. So, it’s easy to forget that sometimes they need to be looked after too. This Friday, across Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network we’ll be supporting #CrazySocks4Docs.

  • Healthier food is on its way

    In the coming months you may begin to notice a few changes across Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network as NSW Health’s Healthy Choices in Health Facilities framework is rolled out.

  • Toll marks 12 months with NETS

    NETS, the Network's Newborn and paediatric Emergency Transport Service is responsible for transporting acutely ill and injured children in NSW to specialist facilities.

  • Funding boost a win for children with brain cancer

    The NSW Government has invested a further $1 million into childhood brain cancer research to find new treatments that boost survival rates.

  • Research shows parents need to enforce helmet use in children


    A new study shows that not all parents understand the importance of helmet use in children, with a worrying number of children under four riding scooters without helmets.