Randwick redevelopment project

In early 2019 the NSW and Federal Governments announced $608 million to deliver brand new, state-of-the-art paediatric health, medical research and education facilities as part of the Sydney Children’s Hospital Stage 1 and Children’s Comprehensive Cancer Centre.

The Randwick Campus Redevelopment team has partnered with the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network, Children’s Cancer Institute and UNSW Sydney to plan and deliver SCH Stage 1 and CCCC; to enable the transformation of kids’ healthcare locally, nationally and globally. As we look to the future, we are working together to provide our communities with a "future enabling" facility; in a flexible and technologically advanced way that drives health care, research and education innovations.

In May 2021, Vaucluse state Liberal MP Gabrielle Upton released the artist impressions for the Sydney Children's Hospital and the Children's Comprehensive Cancer Centre. You can view the gallery here.

For more information about the Randwick Precinct, you can visit the Randwick Campus Redevelopment website

Stage 1: Sydney Children's Hospital and the Children's Comprehensive Cancer Centre

The Sydney Children’s Hospital Stage 1 and Children’s Comprehensive Cancer Centre are being delivered together as a single project in an integrated facility, to transform paediatric health care locally, nationally and globally.

The hospital is an investment in an assured future for paediatric healthcare at Randwick and beyond. As one of Australia’s leading specialist medical centres for children, caring for over 68,000 patients each year, the new hospital will keep hold of the familiar, community feel which makes us so special and accessible for families.

Brand new facilities, including an Emergency Department, a Virtual Care Centre and Intensive Care Unit, in-patient and day oncology units and a pharmacy, will replace ageing assets to meet the needs of Sydney’s growing and changing population. Spaces and places will be designed around the wellbeing of children and their families and will provide flexibility to adapt to patient needs and evolving treatments. Family rooms, green outdoor areas, play spaces, intuitive wayfinding and welcoming treatment facilities will all work together to create an environment that reduces patients’ anxiety and allows them to thrive during their time at the hospital.

This is a generational opportunity to reimagine the way care is delivered and will have a lasting impact on children. This is all made possible by funding commitments from the NSW and Commonwealth governments, UNSW, the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation and Children’s Cancer Institute.

Why is the Redevelopment needed?

The NSW Government has committed funding for the redevelopment in recognition of the need to improve efficiencies across the existing Hospitals campus, improve ageing infrastructure and address the changing models of healthcare to meet future growth and demand.

What is the Randwick Health & Innovation Precinct?

The Randwick Health & Innovation Precinct (RHIP) is set to become the most comprehensive and largest co-located health precinct in Australia. The Precinct brings together government, the University of New South Wales, Health Infrastructure, four hospitals and associated health services (Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick, Royal Hospital for Women, Prince of Wales Private Hospital), preclinical facilities and nine institutes spanning neuroscience, mental health, cancer, biomedical sciences, robotics, and next-generation technologies, which put it at the forefront of medical innovation in Australia.

What services will be included in the SCH Stage 1 / CCCC redevelopment?

  • A children’s emergency department and the emergency short-stay unit, accessible from Botany Street with direct links to new and existing services
  • A children’s intensive care unit
  • Virtual Care Centre 
  • Australia’s first Comprehensive Children’s Cancer Centre, including:
    • State-of-the-art technologically advanced wet and dry laboratory spaces,
    • Education, training and research spaces,
    • New oncology inpatient units, and patient and family-focused retreat areas,
    • A new day oncology unit
  • Inpatient units for medical and surgical specialities
  • Medical short-stay unit
  • Front of house and High Street drop off
  • General Pharmacy
  • Back of house and logistics services       

What planning has been done for the Randwick Campus Redevelopment?

Planning has been underway since mid-2016. A robust planning framework has been developed for the project, with significant focus applied to health and urban master planning to prepare the business case and master planning. Specifically, in 2020, the focus was on defining how the new services will function and where the departments in the building are located (Functional Briefing and Concept Design). This was followed by the development of more detailed internal layouts (Schematic Design). 

Have you engaged with patients, families and staff?

The redevelopment team is dedicated to listening to as many people as we can to ensure our buildings and services meet the needs of patients, their families and the community now and into the future. Across the Network, there is a commitment to co-design and putting patients and families at the centre of everything we do. Throughout 2020, we connected with over 100 families and facilitated online workshops to capture feedback on the design of the new hospital. 

Alongside the workshops, we also engaged patients, parents and families, school and university students, researchers and staff through online surveys – one for kids and one for adults, to support a major design phase of the project, concept design. More than 250 kids also told us what’s important for the new children’s hospitals too. We learnt what they feel, what they like best and what we can add to our new buildings to make them feel positive and homely. 

Where are we up to now?

Design Development recently launched as the final design phase of the redevelopment. This stage of the process adds another layer of details to the outcomes of Schematic Design and looks at the design within each room, as well as developing a list of technology, furniture, fixtures and equipment for different areas of the new hospital. Over one hundred staff, as well as consumer and community representatives, will be involved during Design Development to help inform the architects and project teams design of our new Hospitals.

Contact details 

For project-specific enquiries email the Network's Redevelopment team (SCHN-Plan@health.nsw.gov.au

For communication and consumer engagement enquiries email Alexandra Loftus (alexandra.loftus@health.nsw.gov.au), Communications Manager, SCH Stage 1 / CCCC