Randwick precinct redevelopment

In the coming years, major capital works projects will occur at Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick, and provide significant benefits for our patients, families and staff.

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More than $1.5 billion has been committed to redevelopment projects at the Randwick Hospitals Campus. This includes the construction of a new $720 million building for Prince of Wales Hospital, a $608 million building for Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick and a $250 million Health Translation Hub for UNSW.

These projects will improve health services, access and the overall hospital experience for patients and families. It will allow better integration between our hospital, The Prince of Wales Hospital, Royal Hospital for Women, and the UNSW campus.

It will be a place where research, health technologies, and education intersect to provide the best in health care for babies through to the elderly.

Hospital Master Planning

Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick is currently embarking on an important journey, where we as a community can help develop a ‘master plan’, or a blueprint of what our Hospital will physically look like, and how it will function in 10, 20 or 30 years’ time.

To support continued growth, we need more space. We need to develop a plan that is functional and accessible, family and patient-focused that aligns with our models of care and the vision of the Randwick Hospitals Campus. Four possible options have been identified to meet the growing needs of our hospital and community. We need your help to decide which plan best meets the needs of generations to come.

For details on our master planning work and our four possible master plan options, read our Planning the future of Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick information sheet or visit our website for regular updates.

To provide feedback, please contact our planning team via email.  

Development of the Randwick Hospitals and Health Services' Campus

In June 2017, the NSW Government announced an unprecedented $720 million investment to redevelop the Prince of Wales Hospital and progress the vision of Randwick as a world-leading centre for health and wellbeing, research, education and teaching.

A new Acute Services Building will be built to the west of the existing Randwick Hospital’s Campus that will include a new adult emergency department, extra adult beds, expanded rehabilitation and ambulatory care facilities and new shared operating theatres and medical imaging services for the Randwick Campus.  The Randwick Campus Redevelopment is an important first step toward realising the vision for a new Health and Education Precinct for Randwick.

Why is the Redevelopment needed?

The NSW Government has committed funding for the redevelopment in recognition of the need to improve efficiencies across the existing Hospitals campus, improve ageing infrastructure and address the changing models of healthcare to meet future growth and demand.

What is the Randwick Health and Education Precinct?

The purpose of the Precinct is to integrate health, research and education partners and deliver high-quality co-located clinical services to grow Randwick as a centre for medical and academic excellence and an economic powerhouse for Sydney. 

How long will the Redevelopment take?

The Final Business Case will be submitted to Government in late 2017.  Following approval of the Final Business Case, the project will progress through a tender process to award the construction contract. Once the tender is awarded, the project will progress to construction in approximately mid-2018. Commissioning of the new Acute Services Building is planned for late 2022.

What planning has been done for the Randwick Campus Redevelopment?

Planning has been underway since mid- 2016. A robust planning framework has been developed for the project, with significant focus applied to health and urban master planning to prepare the business case.

Health and urban master planning are important for considering the new hospital in the context of the broader Randwick community so that the needs of our changing city can be accommodated now and into the future. Health Infrastructure is working closely with the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District, Sydney Children's Hospitals Network (SCHN) and UNSW to plan the redevelopment.

The project team are also working with the Greater Sydney Commission, Transport for NSW and Randwick City Council to ensure the plans for the hospital and supporting infrastructure are thoroughly considered.

Where are we up to now?

Following the completion of concept design and submission of the Preliminary Business Case in March 2017, the project has commenced the schematic design phase. The schematic design phase aims to take the definition of the building and services to the next level of detail, providing clinicians, staff, and other stakeholders with a greater level of understanding of what the new hospital will look like, and how it will work. The schematic design phase is ‘department focused’ and includes plans for how rooms and services will relate to each other within a defined service.

What’s next?

A final business case will be submitted to NSW Treasury in late 2017 following consultation with the community, staff, patients, their families and carers, and precinct partners.

The development of a robust business case is an NSW Government requirement for all capital projects, to ensure infrastructure agencies deliver projects that drive value for money outcomes for the community.