Histopathology services at Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick

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Appointment: (02) 9382 9200
Enquiries: (02) 9382 9092
Location: Randwick campus laboratories - SEALS

The South Eastern Area Laboratory Service (SEALS) provides laboratory services to the Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick (SCH) under a shared service agreement.

This includes primary diagnosis necessary for inpatients and outpatients including (but not limited to) tumours, skin, renal, GIT and liver disease. In accordance with modern histopathology services, special diagnostic techniques such as histochemistry, immunofluorescence and immunohistohcemistry are undertaken on site. Pathologists participate in the collection and triaging of specimens for more specialised techniques such as tumour cytogenetics, FISH and electron microscopy (not performed on site).

The SCH department also provides a consultation service to the Department of Forensic Medicine providing paediatric expertise in coronial, including criminal, cases. Specialist paediatric pathology consultations are also received from other hospitals in the state.

Paediatric and perinatal Autopsies

SEALS Randwick currently provides a paediatric autopsy service to the SCH (including Coronial cases referred to the NSW State Coroner and performed on site with the consent of the Coroner); and a fetal / perinatal autopsy service to the Royal Hospital for Women, the Prince of Wales Private Hospital and other hospitals within the SEALS network (including Wollongong Hospital, Sutherland Hospital and St George Hospital).


The Department receives body fluid samples (e.g. CSF, pleural fluid, asctitic fluid) and aspirates from lesions for analysis of the cells to aid in diagnosis and follow-up of patients.

Placental pathology service

Routine placental examinations are largely performed by specialist Gynaecologic Pathologists. Paediatric pathologists still report placentas in cases of perinatal death/foetal malformations.