Hospital in the home

About our service

Hospital in the Home is a Community Acute and Post Acute Care (CAPAC) service. 

We treat children in their home, school or day unit with a range of conditions.

The home is familiar to patients, and offers a less disruptive environment than hospital for recovery and management of some conditions.

Conditions we support

Eczema management

We assist in managing severe eczema with wet dressings applications and changes.

We provide up to five days of education with the goal to educate parents and carers to manage acute flare-ups at home.

Cystic fibrosis, Non-CF bronchiectasis 

We administer intravenous antibiotic therapy.

We provide nursing and physiotherapy services.


We can support patients with:

  • daily antifungal treatment (i.e. Ambisome and Micafungin) or BD Ganciclovir (SCH).
  • antibiotic administration
  • daily or twice daily intravenous antibiotic administration.

Respiratory and sleep

We can:

  • initiate Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) in the home for four days
  • provide overnight Pulse Oximetry for Sleep Disorders. 

Dressings and wound management

We provide support for complex dressings that require daily or second daily changes.

The goal is to help the family manage wound care at home.

Transition to home

We can:

  • provide support for chronic and complex patients to aid early discharge and reduce the risk of readmission
  • educate families to manage enteral nutrition (including nasogastric tube and gastrostomy care), tracheostomy management, and non-invasive support including CPAP and BiPAP (Bilevel positive airway pressure).
Last updated Monday 20th May 2024

Patient and family support

A smiling Aboriginal family.
Our Aboriginal Hospital Liaison and Education officers play an important role in the care and welfare of and advocacy for Aboriginal patients and families, helping ensure a responsive and respectful patient journey.
A young girl sits on her mother's lap on a hostpital bed.
We can arrange a free interpreter for you. Interpreters are available for over 50 languages. Tell us which language you speak when your child is admitted, or let your nurse know.
A mother holds her baby as she uses her smartphone.
The Cartula Health app helps manage and inform you about your healthcare journey at the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network. You can organise your appointments and hospital documents all in one place!