When to come to Emergency

You know when your child is getting sick by changes in their mood, behaviour, activity and appetite.

If your child is only mildly unwell, think about waiting to see if the illness worsens before seeing a doctor.  

If you are worried about your child, you should take them to a doctor. Your local doctor is the first doctor to contact.

Your local Emergency Department is always available if your child needs urgent care.

Seriously ill children can:

  •     become unwell quickly
  •     have difficulty breathing
  •     be pale in the face
  •     be blue around the lips
  •     be unusually inactive or sleepy
  •     have a rash that does not fade or go away when pressed
  •     have fits or convulsions

Read the Signs of serious illness in children factsheet

Please get help quickly if these symptoms develop rapidly, occur together, or if your child is very young.

Last updated Wednesday 10th July 2024