Occupational therapy, The Children's Hospital at Westmead


Phone: (02) 7825 3369

Email: SCHN-CHW-OccupationalTherapy@health.nsw.gov.au

Location: Outpatients Building, level 2

About our service

Occupational therapists provide services to babies, children, adolescents and their families. A family-focused philosophy is followed to assist children and young people to participate in home, school, play and leisure activities.

All patients referred to Occupational Therapy are assessed. The whole child, family and the environment in which they live is considered in this assessment. Therapy may follow and is provided individually or in groups. Intervention may take place at the Hospital and be carried over into home/school programs.

Occupational Therapists consider the following interventions to assist children to participate in self-care, school/preschool, play and leisure activities:

  • developmental facilitation
  • sensory, perceptual and motor retraining
  • adapting or designing special equipment
  • seating and positioning
  • upper limb techniques including hand therapy and splinting
  • skills acquisition including handwriting and computer access
  • training in the use of artificial limbs
  • psycho-social groupwork
  • relaxation and anxiety management
  • information processing during everyday activities, eg. attention, planning, problem-solving
  • play therapy/medical play
  • home, preschool, school visits

The Occupational Therapists also provide:

  • education for parents, staff and community groups
  • information on equipment resources
  • information on community resources
  • liaison with preschools, schools and other children's services. 

Occupational therapists are also based in other departments of the hospital, including Kids Rehab and the department of Psychological Medicine.

Referral process for clinicians

Our department is using Consultmed to manage referrals. The Consultmed platform allows health professionals to send e-referrals to us securely.   

Consultmed questions and technical support: helpdesk@consultmed.co

Appointment process for parents and carers with a referral

The Community Health Occupational Therapy service at Westmead accepts referrals for children aged 0-8 years and living within the Parramatta and western portion of Cumberland Council LGA’s.

Children whose intellectual ability is within the normal to borderline impaired range. Children whose intellectual functioning is within 2 standard deviations from the mean on a test of intelligence within the last 12 months.

Upload your referral

Appointments at our clinic require a referral from your GP or clinician. If you have a referral, you can upload it using our secure portal managed by Consultmed. 

Upload a referral.  

Track your referral 

When we receive the referral, we will send you an email with your tracking information. We will update you as we process the referral and book your appointment. 

To receive these updates, please include your email on the referral.  

If you have questions or require technical support, please contact helpdesk@consultmed.co.  

Need support?

If you need help or have questions about the referral and appointment process, please contact us.

Phone: (02) 7825 3369

Email: SCHN-CHW-OccupationalTherapy@health.nsw.gov.au

Clinic information

Inpatient team

The Inpatient team sees children and young people referred from wards including Neonatal Intensive Care, Babies and Toddlers, Oncology, Neurology and Rehabilitation, Adolescent Medicine, Liver and Renal, and Orthopaedics.

Children and young people from other wards are also seen by referral.

Outpatient team

The outpatient team sees community outpatients, as well as children and young people from:

  • the Child Development Unit
  • Spina Bifida clinic
  • Physical Disabilities clinic
  • Neuromuscular Management clinic
  • Limb Deficiency clinic
  • Connective Tissue Dysplasia
  • Deafness Centre
  • Rett Syndrome clinic
  • and Rheumatology.
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Patient and family support

A smiling Aboriginal family.
Our Aboriginal Hospital Liaison and Education officers play an important role in the care and welfare of and advocacy for Aboriginal patients and families, helping ensure a responsive and respectful patient journey.
A young girl sits on her mother's lap on a hostpital bed.
We can arrange a free interpreter for you. Interpreters are available for over 50 languages. Tell us which language you speak when your child is admitted, or let your nurse know.
A mother holds her baby as she uses her smartphone.
The Cartula Health app helps manage and inform you about your healthcare journey at the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network. You can organise your appointments and hospital documents all in one place!