Our research

Research helps us discover the causes of illnesses, develop better treatments for children, and provide patients with early access to potential new treatments.

Research in the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network is conducted at Kids Research, and through our Clinical Research Centres.

Our research strategy aligns with The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMNRC) priority areas, and demonstrates how future research will target strategic health goals.

Working in cutting-edge facilities and in collaboration with researchers locally, nationally and across the world, the team of 600 researchers, students and support staff bring a wealth of experience and direct clinical experience to their work. By translating research into clinical practice, young patients can have early access to innovative treatment.

Our expert researchers are dedicated to improving the lives of children with cancer, bone diseases, genetic conditions, diabetes, infectious diseases, neuromuscular conditions, rare diseases, sleep disorders, and kidney and liver disease.

Our research involves:

  • Lab-based discovery science and biomedical research
  • Finding out which treatments are safe and effective through clinical research
  • Translating research results into clinical practice

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