• New scanner helps kids stay on track with treatment

    A new high-tech scanner is giving kids with bleeding disorders a glimpse into the future as a way to help them stay on track with treatment.
  • National Reconciliation Week

    National Reconciliation Week is about reflecting on the past, looking at ways to build a better future and taking meaningful action to make that happen.

  • Fresh warning to avoid wild mushrooms

    The NSW Poisons Information Centre has issued a fresh warning about the dangers of consuming mushrooms found in the wild, following a spike in emergency presentations across the state.
  • Paediatric Palliative Care, it's your right

    National Palliative Care Week is an important time to raise awareness and increase understanding about the benefits of paediatric palliative care for patients such as Maxim.
  • SCHN wins NSW Health Award

    Congratulations to our ‘Quiet Pathway’ team from CHW which today won a NSW Health Award for its exceptional contribution to enhancing the experience of patients and families.