• Back to school tips for parents and carers

    Experts from our Network are here to help parents and carers tackle back-to-school season head on, with simple tips to prepare you for success.
  • Efficacy of newborn screening for SMA

    New research has shown newborn bloodspot screening is more effective than conventional clinical diagnosis pathways for improving health outcomes in infants with SMA.
  • Top tips for summer safety

    Summer is a great time for children to enjoy the warm weather and an Australian summer brings with it plenty of outdoor play.

  • Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network commits to 'Axe the Fax'

    A shift from paper to digital referrals is underway at our Network, with a new system set to increase efficiencies and improve the patient experience by allowing GPs, specialists, allied health professionals and primary care providers to send e-referrals to us securely.

  • Kiana's lifesaving CPR

    Daniel, the father of two-year-old Kiana who was rushed to our Hospital in January after a drowning incident, is sharing her story as a safety reminder to parents and carers as what is unfortunately the peak season for drowning events is upon us.