• Australian first clinical trial for fatal childhood brain cancer

    When a child is diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), they are given roughly 12 months to live. This is the heartbreaking reality for around 20 Australian children every year, but it is a reality our teams are working hard to change through a new clinical trial.

  • Children’s immune response to COVID-19

    A new study has shown children’s immune response to COVID-19 is fast but not long lasting.
  • Back to school tips for parents and carers

    Experts from our Network are here to help parents and carers tackle back-to-school season head on, with simple tips to prepare you for success.
  • Efficacy of newborn screening for SMA

    New research has shown newborn bloodspot screening is more effective than conventional clinical diagnosis pathways for improving health outcomes in infants with SMA.
  • Top tips for summer safety

    Summer is a great time for children to enjoy the warm weather and an Australian summer brings with it plenty of outdoor play.