Toy donations

Thanks for your interest in donating toys to sick kids.

The toys and games you donate help babies, children and young people have some much-needed fun while they're in hospital. 

So that we ensure the toys you donate are age appropriate and safe for sick kids, here are some guidelines on what to buy.

Please note that donated toys must meet the following guidelines:

  • All toys must meet Australian Safety Standards
  • For health and safety reasons, toys must be brand new, unopened and still in manufacturers' packaging or with the tags attached
  • There's no need to wrap the toy as we need to see it to make sure it is appropriate for each child
  • We don't accept toy guns, swords or war games
  • Toys can't have small or easily detachable parts that can be swallowed, or easily removable button batteries
  • Toys can’t have moving parts that can pinch fingers or hair
  • Toys can’t have dangers such as breakable glass, protrusions, sharp edges, or long cords
  • We don't accept electrical, spark-producing toys because of fire regulations
  • Glue or paint in craft kits must be non-toxic and non-flammable
  • All DVDs need to be G or PG Rated

But don't despair—while that might seem like a lot of exclusions, check out our shopping lists of toys that are warmly welcomed because they suit a broad range of children

PLEASE NOTE: To protect the privacy of our patients and families, the community are not able to hand out toys on our wards or directly to our patients. Donations should come through the Volunteers Department or Public Relations Department.

Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick

Your donations are valuable and used to ensure that babies, children and young people have access to developmentally appropriate resources, allowing them to have some much needed fun, and also learn while in hospital.

The donations we receive are used throughout the year for holidays, birthdays, milestones and even pick-me ups.

We are accepting donations this Christmas, however we ask that you do this via pre-booking or delivery. The Public Relations and Child Life and Music Therapy teams are able to meet you out the front of the Hospital to collect the donation. You must pre-arrange this with a staff member before arriving so please contact the Public Relations team.

This year, we are asking you to consider donating gift cards instead of toys. Gift cards are a great way to support our patients, as they help us to surprise them with their perfect present!

However, if you would prefer to purchase toys for our patients, we are still happy to accept! Our patients range from newborns through to 18-year-olds. We receive donations for children aged between 3 and 11 years on a reasonably regular basis, however, we have large numbers of young patients aged 0-3 years and also 12-18 years that we desperately need items for as well. We kindly ask that you also consider these age groups when donating.

Download the shopping list for Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick which includes delivery/drop off instructions. 

Examples of popular gift cards: 

  • Amazon Australia
  • iTunes or Google Play
  • Toymate
  • JB HI FI 
  • Cotton On 
  • Westfield
  • Visa or MasterCard prepaid

Examples of items used on a daily basis

  • Playdoh
  • Crayons / Pencils / Textas with colouring and activity books 
  • Craft Kits – Creativity for Kids, Colorific, Seedling
  • Science and medical kits
  • Gift vouchers
  • PS4 consoles and games
  • Wireless Bluetooth speakers
  • Lego and Duplo

Examples of gifts for newborns (0-2 years)

  • Rattles and baby toys
  • Baby books
  • Baby rings
  • Soothers and play centres for cots

Examples for little toddler kids (3-5 years)

  • Playdoh
  • Books for little people
  • Duplo and Megablocks
  • Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Musical instruments
  • Imaginative toys (tea sets, tool kits)
  • Pillow pets

Examples for school aged children (6-11 years)

  • Lego kits
  • Arts and craft materials and kits
  • Hot Wheels cars and trucks
  • Science kits
  • Board games
  • Hair accessories & nail polish

Examples for adolescents (12+ years)

  • Gift vouchers (iTunes, JB HI FI, Amazon Australia, Priceline etc.)
  • Lego kits
  • Headphones and Bluetooth speakers
  • Nail polish and jewellery
  • Beach accessories (towel, hats, sunnies)
  • Typo accessories

Examples for special needs and palliative care children

Toys which have sound and light up are especially great for our special needs patients

  • Pillow pets
  • Fidget toys
  • Cause and effect toys
  • Mood lights
  • Nail polish and massage creams
  • Wireless speakers

The Children's Hospital at Westmead

This Christmas, there will be approximately 300 children staying with us and we would be very grateful for gifts suitable for very young babies and toddlers, as well as children 11-18 years of age.

Due to the pandemic, we are only accepting gift donations via delivery or drop off. To help keep everyone safe we ask that you wear a mask when dropping off a donation.

For general hospital use and all age children

  • Nintendo switch Lite and popular new games G/PG rated
  • Personal DVD players, Apple iPad Mini 2 (32GB), iPods, Sony Playstation 4 G/PG rated games, DVDs new movies (G/PG rated only) Nintendo games, CD players with ipod dock
  • Portable Bluetooth speakers (JBL JR POP Kids Bluetooth Speaker)
  • Movie vouchers, iTunes cards, EFTPOS, Eckersley’s gift cards.
  • General art and craft supplies for Child Life Therapy such as small and medium blank canvases,glitter glue sticks, batteries.
  • Stickers eg Disney Princess, Frozen, My Little Pony, Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, Minions, Trolls
  • Superheroes, pirates, unicorns, fairies, Barbie, Dinosaurs, mermaids, butterflies, flowers, cars etc.

Babies — 3 year-olds

  • Toys - Peppa Pig, Pillow Pet, FlipaZoo,Thomas the Tank Engine, Sesame Street,
  • Soft toys eg teddy bears 20cm in height, musical books, musical toys, baby rattles, Fisher-Price brand toys, Building blocks, Duplo.

3 - 7 year-olds

  • Fingerling HUGS Plush Monkey, Hatchimals, FurReal Critters Munchin Rex Baby Dino, Little Live Pets, Scruff-a-Luvs toy pet, Pomsies Blossom Plush Interactive Toys, Little Live Wrapples,
  • Toys manufactured as part of Shopkins, Barbie, Peppa Pig, Frozen, Fairies
  • Dinosaurs, Marvel & DC Superheroes, Hot Wheels, Minecraft, Minions, Star Wars, PJ Mask, Paw Patrol
  • Lego sets eg Lego Friends, Lego Junior, Lego DC Superheroes, Duplo. Fisher Price Medical Kit, Soft toys such as Teddy bears 20cm and unicorns (medium size), Pillow Pets, FlipaZoo. Anything unicorn. Sticker books, colouring books and pencils, crayons, Tea Party Sets (plastic). Fairy wings, tiaras & wands.

7 - 10 year-olds

  • Fingerling HUGS Plush Monkey, Hatchimals, FurReal Soft toys, Little Live Pets, L.O.L Surprise Glam Glitter Series Dolls, BFF Furry Friends
  • Scruff-a-Luvs toy pets, Pomsies Blossom Plush Interactive Toys, Little Live Wrapples,
  • Colouring in books, pencils and crayons, painting sets, mosaic sticker sets, jigsaw puzzles, scrapbooking sets. Board games, card games, individual puzzle games
  • Toys manufactured as part of Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Furbies,

10 - 12 year-olds

  • Activity craft sets, scrapbooking kits, DIY kits e.g. beading sets, knitting sets. Velvet Art poster set with textas, jewellery craft kits. Typo notebooks, pens, pencil cases. Pusheen the Cat, Charlie & Lola books by Lauren Childs
  • Toys manufactured as part of, Minecraft, Marvel and DC Heroes, Star Wars.
  • iTunes cards, Eftpos gift cards.
  • Books – In my Heart,: A Book of Feelings, Letters to my 12 year old self, Slumbies Slippers,

12 - 18 year-olds

  • Bluetooth enabled headphones, Tilemate Bluetooth tracker, movie vouchers, iTunes cards, Eftpos gift cards
  • Sports items, activity or craft packs (eg Diamond Dotz at Spotlight), make up and nail polish sets
  • Johanna Basford colouring in books with Staedtler Noris colour 185 coloured pencils or Staedtler triplus colour 323 coloured pens
  • Coloured insulated metal drink bottles, Teen “Breathe” magazine
  • Typo notebooks, pens, pencil cases, micro light box
  • Book - Letter to my teenage self, cosmetic bags, scrunchies
  • Card games – Rat-a-tat Cat, Games - Rush Hour, Slamwich