Code of conduct

You can expect us to

  •     Introduce ourselves to you and your child and explain our role
  •     Give your child safe and high quality health care
  •     Treat your child and your family with respect and dignity
  •     Give you and your child care that meets your individual, cultural and social needs
  •     Involve you as an important part of your child’s health care team
  •     Give you clear, understandable information about your child’s care
  •     Listen to your views about your child’s care and answer any questions you may have
  •     Respect the privacy and confidentiality of your child and your family
  •     Ensure that you have a say in decisions about your child’s treatment
  •     Inform you of opportunities to be involved in research and teaching.

We expect you to

  •     Tell us if you have concerns about your hospital stay, and help us identify where we can make improvements
  •     Ask questions if there’s anything you don’t understand
  •     Attend appointments or tell us in advance if you need to reschedule
  •     Let staff know if you plan to leave the ward
  •     Let staff know of any change in your personal information, including contact numbers
  •     Follow the instructions for your child’s agreed treatment and let us know if there are any problems
  •     Respect the privacy and dignity of other patients and their families, as well as staff.

Guidelines for interacting with staff

Patients and families often form good relationships with staff (including volunteers) during their stay at our hospitals. We believe this is helpful for everyone.

However, staff are required to follow the a Code of Conduct, which means they are not allowed to form personal relationships with patients or families and must maintain professional boundaries at all times. Therefore, we ask that you do not form a personal relationship with any staff member outside of the hospital.

For example, asking a staff member to be a ‘friend’ on social networking websites or exchanging phone numbers with staff is not appropriate.

Staff have to say ‘no’ to any requests from families that may be seen as going beyond professional boundaries — so if this happens, please don’t be offended. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please feel free to talk to the nurse in charge on your ward.
Our hospitals are a safe place for everyone

We want our hospitals and services to be safe and supportive environments, so we ask everyone—staff, families, patients and visitors to:

  •     Treat others with care, consideration, courtesy and respect.
  •     Respect the Hospital’s policy on smoking and alcohol use.
  •     Behave in a manner that is not aggressive or offensive.
  •     Take care of personal property and respect hospital property.
  •     Please wear footwear in the Hospitals at all times.

Physical or verbal abuse of staff, patients, family members or visitors will not be tolerated. If necessary, hospital security will be called.

We want you to tell us about any concerns you have about the care your child and family are receiving. In the first instance, please speak with a member of your child’s health care team or the Nursing Unit Manager of your ward.

Last updated Tuesday 5th March 2024