Strategic Plans

Network Strategic Plans

Strategic Quality, Safety and Consumer Engagement 

This plan describes the vision and direction to drive and improve safety and quality across the Network.

In addition, the plan sets out the key priority areas and activities required to continue to achieve the delivery of safe, effective and high-quality care for our consumers. It is about transforming care so that we become Safer, Smarter and Stronger.

SCHN Nursing and Midwifery Services Plan 2017 – 2022

Nursing and Midwifery is the largest staff group within the SCHN workforce and responsible for providing care both in the acute and community contexts to children and young people, their families and carers.

The plan was developed with wide consultation from the nursing community. It incorporates the domains of quality and safety, education, research and workforce as the four cornerstones of the strategic plan.

Education and Training Strategic Plan

This plan outlines the renewed direction within the Network and with key partnerships to build the direction of paediatric healthcare education over the coming 5 years.

Integrated Care for Children

The SCHN Integrated Care Program focuses on achieving comprehensive system transformation. The program team works in partnership with children, families and carers, local health districts, primary health networks, consumer support organisations, general practitioners and community services.

Sustainability Plan

This plan serves as a roadmap and outlines our strategies on how we will achieve our sustainability goals.

Clinical Services Plan

We are currently updating the Clinical Services Plan in light of major redevelopments occurring across the Network.

Research Strategic Plan

This plan is a resource for all research staff at the Sydney Children's Hospitals Network. It outlines our vision to be a world-leading centre for translational research in children and young people.

The Strategic Plan outlines the strategies in place to enhance the integration of research and clinical care and leverage game-changing technologies for maximising health outcomes. These include:

  1. Enhancing the profile of research across the Network
  2. Embedding research and evidence-based approaches as a seamless component of clinical care
  3. Upskilling staff in research methodology and analytics
  4. Implementing systems and processes supporting research embedded into clinical care
  5. Advocating for additional resourcing for SCHN Clinical Research Centres to enhance service delivery
  6. Focusing on research value

Workforce Strategic Plan

This plan details the strategic objectives of the Directorate from 2018 to 2022.

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