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No matter how small the actions, we can all make a difference

Our Network's purpose is to help children live their healthiest of lives. We want to ensure that children now and in the future, grow up in a world where they can enjoy good health and wellbeing. The healthcare sector consumes vast amounts of energy and water and generates significant volumes of waste.

As a Network, we have a responsibility to minimise our impact on the environment and lead the way in improving the environmental sustainability of the healthcare sector.

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Our plan serves as a roadmap and outlines our strategies on how we will achieve our sustainability goals.

Read our strategic plan

How we are building sustainable hospitals

Hospital redevelopments

Sustainability is a key principle for both our hospital redevelopments, with sustainability strategies developed with input from a Sustainability Project Working Group representing all precinct partners.

PVC recycling

We have diverted tonnes of PVC items from landfill and recycled them into useful products such as garden hoses, children’s play mats, vinyl flooring, carpet backing and gumboots.

Medical equipment donations

We have redistributed medical equipment, items and furniture no longer required to local and overseas health facilities and community groups.

Active transport

We offer a hospital bike fleet for staff to cycle to and from work encouraging healthy, active transport choices.


In 2020, close to 3 million kilometers in travel were avoided through our Telehealth program, resulting in a reducation in transport-related carbon emissions.

Reduction in paper-use

Paper-use has reduced by 19% over the last four years due to many of our processes and systems now completed online.

Green champion network

More than 100 staff have signed up as a green champion to participate in our sustainability initiatives. New staff are introduced to the sustainability program as part of their corporate orientation.

Connected to sustainability networks

We are a member of the NSW Government program, Sustainability Advantage to receive tailored support in their sustainability program, and a member of the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Network.

Water refill stations

Our indoor and outdoor water refill stations promote health drink choices and encourage staff and families to refill their drink bottles, rather than using disposable plastic bottles and cups.

Last updated Wednesday 22nd May 2024