Children create artwork to inspire SCH patients

Children create artwork to inspire SCH patients

A smiling young boy sits at a restaurant table.

Ten-year-old Henry penned a heartfelt message to accompany his artwork for a community drawing project at Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick (SCH). 

His words, 'You may not be that strong on the outside, but you have the heart to power on,' carry a powerful, personal message.  

When Henry was ten days old, he had open heart surgery to correct a congenital heart defect diagnosed shortly after birth.  

He recovered in the Intensive Care Unit at SCH, with his parents eternally grateful for the "support from the entire team at every stage of the process."  

Henry explained his artwork, "I drew a picture of the hospital where I was treated as a baby. I think it can be a difficult and scary time being in hospital, but I know that kids have the resilience to face these challenges."  

A drawing of a hospital, with a written message, "You may not be that strong on the outside, but you have the heart to power on."
Ten-year-old Henry's artwork.

"Thanks to the care (I received), I can live the life I want to live. I enjoy school, skiing, playing rugby, tennis, and spending time with my friends. I am very thankful that the hospital has given me all of this," he added.  

The art project encouraged children to write messages to support future patients, and celebrate the new hospital, and research building reaching full height.  

Children from across the hospital, local schools, and other paediatric hospitals in Australia were among almost 150 entries received.  

"We were overwhelmed with the quality and meaning behind the entries, which included colourful and creative drawings and messages of support," said SCH Redevelopment Director Cathy Lovell.  

"The Network proudly displayed the artwork at a recent event to celebrate the hospital and research centre reaching full height, and we will explore how we can share the messages of support with children in the new building."  

The Sydney Children's Hospital Stage 1 and Minderoo Children's Comprehensive Cancer Centre (SCH1/MCCCC) will provide comprehensive care and facilities, including an intensive care unit, emergency department, and dedicated cancer treatment units.  

It also features specialised areas such as a Neuroscience Centre, a Virtual Care Centre called KidsHQ, a new pharmacy, and improved parent amenities and educational spaces.  

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