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Location: Sydney Children's Community Health Centre (Corner of Barker and Avoca Streets, Randwick NSW)

About our service

Tumbatin - Child Development Unit SCH, Randwick is the developmental diagnosis and assessment service for the Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick. 

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Referrals considered by our service include:

  • children under 8 years of age who present with significant developmental concerns, at risk of Global Developmental Delay, Intellectual Disability or Autism Spectrum Disorder where a paediatrician has not reached a high diagnostic confidence and who require Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) assessment. 

In addition to assessment, the clinic also provides counselling, advice, information and support for families and children who have a developmental delay or disorder. 

Your team on the day will also be tailored to meet the needs of your child’s assessment. Your team may consist of any of the following clinician’s paediatricians, social workers, clinical psychologists and speech pathologists.

Please see Clinic information and eligibility for details about the other services run by Tumbatin.

Clinic information and eligibility

Tumbatin clinic

The main role of the diagnosis and assessment service at Tumbatin clinic is to: 

  • establish if a disability is present 
  • assess the nature and causes of the disorder, including assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder and medical investigation, including genetics 
  • determine the child’s strengths, difficulties and current and future needs 
  • make recommendations for ways to help the child achieve their potential through intervention and support. 
Photo of a clinic room at Tumbatin.

Eligibility Criteria:

GP referrals essential criteria:

  1. Children living in the northern sector of SESLHD and 
  2. Aged 0-8 years of age and 
  3. Suspected of a significant developmental delay, intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder 

Paediatrician referrals essential criteria:

  1. Aged 0-8 years of age and 
  2. Presents with suspected significant global developmental delay, intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder requiring multidisciplinary team diagnostic assessment and 
  3. Are living in the northern sector of SESLHD or
  4. Are currently managed by Sydney Children’s Hospital subspecialist for complex medical conditions or
  5. Are living in rural and regional NSW.

Prader Willi Syndrome clinic 

The Prader Willi Syndrome clinic provides care and management for children 0-11 years living in NSW with a confirmed diagnosis of Prader-Willi Syndrome. 

Eligibility Criteria:

GP or Paediatrician referrals eligibility criteria:

  1. Children 0-11 years living in NSW with a confirmed diagnosis of Prader-Willi Syndrome and 
  2. Parental consent for referral completed.

Learning Difficulties Assessment clinic

The Learning Difficulties Assessment Clinic at Sydney Children’s Hospital provides multidisciplinary assessment and diagnosis for school aged children with specific learning difficulties. Depending on an individual child’s needs The multidisciplinary team can include neuropsychology, speech pathology and developmental paediatrics.

As we are a tertiary service, we do not provide the initial assessment of children who are having academic difficulties. These children should have these issues addressed at school in the first instance.

The Learning Difficulties Assessment Clinic is a diagnostic service and does not provide remediation or ongoing management. We provide detailed recommendations, consultation and liaison with schools and other agencies and referral to appropriate services as part of our assessment.

 Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Patient is between the aged of 5 and 16 years and not making the expected gains at school and 
  2. Patient has identified specific learning difficulties and has not responded to high quality and sustained remedial intervention, with a need for further investigation of their difficulties or
  3. Patient has known or suspected disorders associated where learning is affected or 
  4. Patient is considered at high risk for learning difficulties (e.g. children with genetic conditions or medical disorders that have an association with a risk of specific learning difficulties)
  5. Children living in the northern sector of SESLHD must be referred by either a medical or allied health professional
  6. Patients of Sydney Children’s Hospital Network must be referred by a hospital medical or allied health professional 
  7. Patients residing outside of the northern sector of SESLHD and who are not patients of SCHN must be referred by their paediatrician and require tertiary assessment.

Paediatric Developmental Disability clinic

The Paediatric Developmental Disability clinic is an outpatient medical service for children aged (0-16 years) with a diagnosis of significant Developmental Disability who require specialist Developmental Paediatrician input. Consultation is with a paediatrician/paediatric registrar, no allied health professionals attend this clinic.  The clinic does not provide initial diagnostic assessment, where there are concerns about a possible developmental disability children should be referred to their local Diagnostic and Assessment service. 

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Children with an intellectual disability (full scale IQ less than 70) and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder attending a supported educational setting such as a support class in a mainstream school or a school for specific purpose (SSP).
  2. GP referral for children living in the northern sector of SESLHD will be followed up until stable and care can be transitioned to another appropriate clinician.
  3. Paediatricians statewide requiring specialist consultation – no ongoing follow up.

Referral process for clinicians

Our department is using Consultmed to manage referrals. The Consultmed platform allows health professionals (your GP or specialist including paediatrician) to send e-referrals to us securely.

Consultmed questions and technical support:

Referral and appointment process for parents and carers

Request a referral

Our clinic requires a referral from your GP, paediatrician or specialist. 

These professionals are able to assess your child, discuss your concerns and determine if a referral to our service is suitable. 

A GP referral is required if the child lives is in the local area or a paediatrician referral is required if the child lives in rural or regional New South Wales. Children with suspected significant global developmental delay, intellectual disability or Autism Spectrum Disorder requiring Multidisciplinary Team Diagnostic Assessment that cannot be managed locally are eligible for our service. 

Location requirements:

  • Children living in the northern sector of South Eastern Sydney Local Health District (SESLHD) aged between 0 and 8 years or,
  • Children currently managed by Sydney Children’s Hospital subspecialists for complex medical conditions, aged between 0 to 8 years, 
  • Children living in rural and regional New South Wales aged between 0 and 8 years.

Reviewing your referral

Our department uses Consultmed to manage referrals. 

All referrals go through an intake process prior to being accepted, during which additional information may be requested. This will generally involve one of our Tumbatin clinicians contacting your family to complete an intake phone call. Following return of the parent questionnaires we send you and review of all information available; you will be advised via email if your child’s referral has been accepted and added to our waitlist. 

If the referral is not suitable, advice from our clinic is given on alternative services available for the family.

If your clinician has questions about Consultmed or require technical support, they can contact  

Receiving an appointment

Given we are a tertiary service, appointments have extended waiting times. 

Our clinic will contact you 1-2 months ahead of time to provide your appointment. At this time, you will be asked to provide current information about your child including therapy reports, medical letters and may be asked to complete a range of questionnaires to assist with your child’s assessment. 

Need support?

If you need help or have questions about the referral and appointment process, please contact us.  

Phone: (02) 9382 8189 or (02) 9382 8191


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