Suitable assessment venues

Children's Court Clinic assessments may be carried out in the rooms of the Authorised Clinician, in the client's home, or in a room provided by a community or government agency.

If security is a concern, the Authorised Clinician may elect to use a room in any of the Local Courts across NSW.


The Children's Court Clinic has assessments room available for use by Authorised Clinicians.  These may be booked by telephoning (02) 8688 1530. There is a room available with video facilities and a one-way observation screen, as well as interview rooms.

Should an Authorised Clinician have difficulty locating a suitable assessment venue, the Children's Court Clinic has a resource of venues and contact names across NSW that can be provided to the Clinician. Please contact the Office Manager on (02) 8688 1530 for assistance.

Last updated Friday 23rd February 2024