Information for children and young people

Information for children and young people

What is the Children’s Court Clinic?

The Children’s Court Clinic helps the judicial officer and the solicitor to decide what is the best plan for you. You will talk to the Clinician who works for the Clinic

Why do families have to go to the Children’s Court?

Many families have difficulties or tough times and need help to sort things out for the children. Sometimes this means they have to go to a court

What does the Clinician do?

The Clinician listens to children, young people and adults so they can understand what’s happening in their family. They have special training in talking to people and understanding what is going on in their lives, especially in families. This becomes part of an Assesment.

What is an Assessment?

When doing an Assessment the Clinician will ask you to tell them the story of your family. It is very important to tell your story and talk about what you want.

The Clinician will ask you some questions. Sometimes they might ask you to do some activities and tasks such as puzzles.

What is an Assessment Report?

After the Clinician meets with you they will work out what they think would best meet your needs. They will write an Assesment Report for the judicial officer.

The Report will be based on the information you and others provide.

What happens next?

The Assessment Report will be sent to the judicial officer. The judicial officer will read the Report to help them decide what the best thing will be for you.

The judicial officer will decide which people get to see the Report.

Who is the judicial officer?

The judicial officer is the person who will be deciding what is best for you by talking to you and other people about your needs.

Should I talk to my solicitor?

Yes. Talk to your solicitor—they are your helper.

Your solicitor will talk to you about the Report and answer any questions you might have. The solicitor will be able to tell you what happens with the Report when it is finished.

What if I’m not sure?

If you have any questions you can ask your solicitor or any other adult who you trust. You can also ask your caseworker.

If the adults you asked don’t know the answers, they will know who to ask to get them.

You can also call the Children’s Court Clinic on (02) 8688 1530 


If you don’t understand the answer, ask again.

If anything doesn’t make sense say so.

Last updated Friday 23rd February 2024