Youth Council

The Youth Council is made up of young people (aged 14-24 years) who want to make positive changes within our services. We want to know what is important to you and how we can improve your experience.

 We meet every two months to share ideas and work to improve how we deliver care. The Youth Council provides an opportunity for young people to tell us what we are doing well, but also what we can do better

The Youth Council is made up of volunteer young people and staff. We are committed to patient and family-centred care and involving a diverse range of young people to help shape the future of our services.

The Youth Council supports Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network to shape the future experiences of patients, families and community members accessing its services.

What we do:

  • advisory body to the hospitals
  • provides young person’s perspectives on issues, initiatives, and key health priorities
  • forum to review documents, strategies, initiatives, incidents or events and make recommendations to enhance the patient and family experience
  • advise on the orientation, training, mentoring and support requirements
  • young person’s voice on health issues, needs and concerns of people accessing health services, and matters referred by other committees and departments
  • promotes the goals of the Network to help children and young people live their healthiest lives possible.
Last updated Friday 14th June 2024