My Health Memory app

The My Health Memory app is a tool for you to use to manage health care for yourself and others.

Contact details

Contact the My Health Memory team during business hours via email

The MHM app has been replaced by a new Cartula Health MHM App.

Registrations opened on Wednesday 25 November 2020. The old MHM app will be decommissioned on the 2 December so download to manually transfer content from the old MHM app.

  • If you are an existing MHM user, please transition to the new Cartula Health MHM app in order to continue connecting to SCHN by app. 
  • If you are a new user and would like to find out more, read the MHM brochure.
  • Find out more about Cartula International.

Download and activate the Cartula Health app

The Cartula Health App is available as a free download from the Apple App Store (iPhone) and Google Play Store (Android).

To download and verify the app on your smartphone, you must have a network connection.

Downloading the app allows you to save your information to the App, however you/your child need to be registered to SCHN receive future documents, appointments and messages.

  • Download the My Health Memory (by Cartula) app.
  • When you come into any of our SCHN facilities you will be asked if you/your child want to register.
  • Once you register you'll receive an SMS with instructions on how to connect to SCHN.
  • Follow the instructions provided in the SMS.
  • An email with more information about the MHM App has also been sent you.
  • For further instructions please Download the User Guide

Save your existing information

Documents on the old MHM app

  • The content of your documents can be copied and emailed to your personal email 

Appointments on the old MHM app

  • We suggest that you take screenshots of your upcoming appointments.

Messaging on the old MHM app

  • To save your old messages we suggest that you screenshot them.

Add your saved information to the new App

To retain your health information in one place your documents, appointments and messages can be uploaded to the ‘Health Diary’ in the new App.

For further instructions like how to set up your user profile please Download the User Guide.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I use My Health Memory?

The app is available for patients of:

  • Westmead Children’s Hospital, Westmead
  • Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick
  • Bear Cottage

How do I register to SCHN?

  • In order for you/your child to receive documents, appointments and messages you/your child’s profile need to be registered to SCHN.
  • This can be done from Wednesday 25 November 2020 upon presenting to any of our SCHN facilities where you will be asked if you/your child want to register.
  • Once you have been registered you will receive an SMS with instructions on how to connect.

How do I receive Push Notifications?

  • Push notifications are alerts from the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network of a change in your care management.
  • The first time you log in, you are asked for permission to receive push notifications.
  • If you give permissions, you are notified by alert of any changes to your planned health care. Alerts are shown on the smartphone home screen.
  • When a push notification is tapped, it opens the My Health Memory app.
  • After you enter your PIN, the app opens in the area the notification is for. 

Can SCHN contact me?

  • My Health Memory (by Cartula) has a message centre called Messaging, which you can select from the home screen. 
  • This is where you see all the contact you have had with your medical team.
  • Messages can be sent by any of your care team from SCHN facilities.
  • All contact is started by the clinical team. 

How do I know if I have an appointment?

If you have an appointment at any of the SCHN facilities it is shown in the Health Diary screen. Your appointment can be shown in the calendar of your smart phone if you have enabled this. 

The hospital has changed my appointment, what can I do?

If the hospital schedules a new appointment, you are sent a notification. You will be provided options in the appointment on how to contact the hospital.

How secure is my information?

  • You control who sees your information and what you share, and all transfers are completely encrypted.
  • The Cartula Health app has been tested by an independent business to meet both Australian and international healthcare security standards.
  • Your information is not stored in the cloud; all data is stored on your phone.

What happens if I lose my phone?

  • All information is stored on your phone.

How do I contact My Health Memory team?

Email the MHM team on 

What’s My Health Memory? 

Don’t confuse My Health Memory with My Health Record.

  • My Health Memory is an app that allows you to manage your appointments, review hospital documents and communicate with your care team at any of our eligible Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network facilities.
  • My Health Memory is an initiative of The Sydney Children’s Hospital Network, provided via Cartula Health app and is not currently connected with My Health Record.

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