Research in PICU, Randwick

A guide for families and carers

The Children’s Intensive Care Unit conducts research in PICU.

We study collected information from patient charts and notes, observe how procedures are done, or how a particular medication is given.

Sometimes the research is about a specific topic that only involves a few patients in PICU.

The Children’s Intensive Care Unit has dedicated medical and nursing staff to manage the research studies on each unit. 

Depending on the study, there will be other people involved in helping the team such as Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Pharmacists, Speech Therapists, Dieticians, Social Workers and Child Life Therapists.

Participation in any research study is always your choice. We never record data from your child without consent.

It's ok for you to decide not to join a study. Your child’s care will not be affected by your decision. 

Not all children are eligible to participate in a study. 

Enroling a child into a research study

If your child is eligible for a study, one of the research team will come and talk to you after your child is settled into PICU.

They will explain what the study is about and provide some written information.  If you have any questions they will be able to answer them of find out more information for you. 


You can take time to decide if you would like your child to participate in the study. If you decide to enrol your child, someone will come to see you with a written consent form for you to sign.

Depending on the study, we may ask you to complete a survey about your child and there may be an opportunity for you to assist your child in specific studies, if you wish.

Nothing further will be required of you. Your child will not be required to do anything extra than receive the care we give.

Changing your mind

Even if you sign the consent form, it is still ok to change your mind later and withdraw your child from the study. Your child’s care will not be affected by your decision.

For some studies, if your child is eligible for a study and we feel that you are too distressed or if you are not at the bedside, we will commence the study and speak to you after about ‘consent to continue’.

This means asking you if we can keep you child on the study. It is still ok for you to say no at this time.

How we use your child's information

All data is entered into a secure online database using unique codes given to each child – no personal information will be shared. All paper forms used will be stored in a locked secure cabinet within a locked office.

The data from the study is collected and put with the data of all other children in the study. The results can then help guide us in providing the best possible care.

Data (such as blood results, heart rate, temperature, fluid in and out) is collected every day from their observation charts and their medical records for a certain amount of time that is determined by the study protocol, this can be a specific time frame or until a particular number of patients have been enrolled.

At regular times during the study and at the end, the data from all of the children in the study is reviewed and interpreted. When the data has been analysed a report of the results is then generated and available to all families who request it. 

Depending on the results of the study, changes may be made in how we treat and care for patients in the future.

The CICU research team

Phone: 0499616448


  • Dr. Puneet Singh – Primary Investigator
  • Vicky Smith – Clinial Nurse Consutant
  • Claire Collins – Research Co-ordinator
Last updated Monday 26th February 2024