Transition readiness checklist

The checklist should be performed as a discussion. The clinician asks sets of questions in a conversational way to asseess where the patient is in their transition to adult health journey. 

Complete the transition readiness checklist questions below with with the young person and their parents/carer if this is a preference.

The checklist will help identify skills and areas where development and knowledge is needed for the patient to gain independence.   

Reassure the young patient that it is okay if they do not answer 'yes' to all of the questions. Transition is a learning process, think of the questions as way to guide next steps. 

Managing the condition

  • Do I know about my condition and how to manage symptoms and emergencies?  
  • Am I aware of what symptoms need monitoring and what ongoing tests will be required, why and how often?
  • Do I know what medications I need and how to fill prescriptions?
  • Can I make my own appointments and start seeing the doctor on my own?
  • Do I eat healthily and exercise regularly?
  • Have I started meeting with some adult doctors to ‘check them out’ before I have to switch?
  • Am I following a transition plan with my health care team? You can ask your health care team to refer you to Trapeze or ACI Transition Care Coordinators who can help you plan for transition. 

Getting organised

  • Do I have a detailed medical summary? The healthcare team can help with this. 
  • Do I have copies of clinic and discharge letters ? The adult health service will require them.
  • Can I order the supplies and equipment I need for my condition? 
  • Have I asked about special considerations for assessments and exams at school and university?
  • Am I safe when trying risky behaviours?
  • Do I have someone that I trust and respect to talk to when stress or worry is getting in the way?

Non-medical considerations

  • Do I have my own Medicare card
  • Remember to declare any relevant medical conditions when applying for your driver’s licence.
  • Am I eligible for financial support or any concessions from Centrelink?
  • Open up your own bank account.
  • Apply for a tax file number if you are thinking about work.
  • Remember to enrol to vote when you are 18 years old.
  • Living with an intellectual disability? Here's where you can find more voting options
  • Think about how you will keep in touch with friends once school ends.
Last updated Thursday 2nd May 2024