Complaint management

The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network is committed to managing your complaint according to the relevant Commonwealth and State legislation.

These include:

  • The Privacy and Personal Information Act NSW 1998
  • The Health Care Complaints Act 1993 NSW
  • Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act) (replacing Freedom of Information Act)
  • The Anti Discrimination Act 1977 NSW
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013

Your rights in the complaint process

  • Access appropriate and easily understood information about the complaints process
  • Be kept informed of the investigation’s progress and a target completion date
  • Have your complaint lodged by a carer or relative, at your request
  • Have a support person of your choosing present at any meeting that you may attend relating to your complaint
  • Withdraw from the complaint at any stage
  • Raise the complaint through alternative channels eg: NSW Health Care Complaints Commission. 

Your responsibilities in the complaint process

  • Raise your concerns at the earliest possible stage and provide staff with the information needed to provide a helpful outcome
  • Respect the role of staff and their right to respond to a complaint
  • Treat staff with courtesy and consideration
  • Do not knowingly make false or malicious complaints. 

It's okay to make a complaint or express your concerns

The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network (which includes Sydney Children’s Hospital at Randwick and The Children’s Hospital at Westmead) encourages and values feedback from patients, families and visitors. Whether it is positive or negative, your feedback can help identify what is working well and what we can improve on. 

We take your concerns seriously

Our team is here to listen. Every complaint or concern is discussed, addressed and seen as a positive to improve our services.

Include as much detail as possible

The more specific the information you are able to provide, the more thoroughly we can investigate the complaint and take appropriate action/s. If you are not sure what to include, contact one of our Patient Friends who can help you.

Care will not be compromised

Providing the best possible care to every child is important to us. Please be assured that providing feedback will not affect your child’s care in any way.

Last updated Friday 21st June 2024