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CHW Parent and Carer Resource Centre 9845 0580.

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Sydney Children's Hospital Randwick ResourceSydney Children's Hospital Randwick ResourceCOVID-19 Resources for Parents and Carers

We know that things are hard at the moment, here is some information that may help you while you are in the hospital. This information has been delivered to you by the Carer Support Officer.

Sydney Children's Hospital Randwick Resource

The Children's Hospital at Westmead Resource

Sleep in the Hospital

Yoga Stretches

Mindfullness meditation sessions

Helplines for Carers

Carers NSW Pamphlet

Carer Gateway

Carer Support

The Carer Support Program is here to provide support and recognise the valuable role parents and carers play in the lives of the child they care for and assist families to access appropriate information and resources about their caring role.

We understand that parents and carers can find it challenging to attend to their own self-care and wellbeing, especially when the person they care for is in hospital. We have developed initiatives to encourage mindfulness, relaxation as well as opportunities for connection with other parents and carers.

We welcome you to come to the Parent and Carer facilities at each hospital and to get involved with events that we run especially for you. You will also find an extensive range of resources and information in the Parent and Carer spaces.

Visit Carers NSW to find out more about who is a carer.

Support available for Carers

Carers NSW

Carers NSW is the trusted peak non-government organisation in NSW that dedicates its focus on all carers across NSW in respect to providing holistic support, independent information and resources including carer training and a National Carer Counselling Program.

Carer Gateway

The Australian Government has introduced a Carer Gateway website and call centre as an entry point for carers to access practical information and advice, online supports and services in their local area including, counselling, respite services, peer support and financial packages/information. Information is available in a number of different languages and translating services are on offer.

Young Carers

Young Carers are under 25 years of age, some are as young as 6 and can be a sibling, a child, a grandchild or other relative. Young Carers are children and young people, who help support a family member who has a disability, mental illness, drug or alcohol dependency, a chronic condition, terminal illness or who is frail. They might help out with cleaning or preparation of meals, assisting their relatives with daily tasks, helping with medicines, showering and dressing or by "watching out" to make sure they are ok.

Young Carers are often unrecognised or 'invisible' carers in our community and can be especially vulnerable.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) estimates there are at least 11,600 young carers in NSW.

Watch this video about Young Carers and the challenges they may face.

Resources for Young Carers:

Get Healthy NSW

This is a free service provided by NSW Health.

The website provides information on healthy diet and exercise and anyone can access personal telephone health coaching to identify your health goals and encourage you to keep on track. 

NSW Health provides a free telephone coaching service. This confidential service provides expert advice and motivation to help you find a healthier, happier you.


Access the program today.

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