Chronic illness peer Support (ChIPS)

Our department is using Consultmed to manage referrals.

  • For GPs, specialists, allied health or health professionals

The Consultmed platform allows you to send e-referrals to us securely. Create an account to get started.

  • For parents and carers

Our contact details and appointment information is further down the page.

The ChIPS program is run by young people for young people. Like to join in?

All about ChIPS

The photo Postal Pal Project

Wake Up Call - music video

The making of Wake Up Call documentary

Frequent Flyer - music video

My illness won't stop me

The Chronicles publication: Issue 1

The Chronicles publication: Issue 2

The Chronicles publication: Issue 3

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Youth Advocacy and Leadership across SCHN

Have a look at these leadership and advocacy initiatives that young people across the Network have developed. If you're keen on working on an initiative or have an idea to pitch that improves access to health care services for young people, please reach out!

Have your say on the Network!

These SCHN programs are keen to make visible young people's and families' voices who use healthcare services.

Like to learn more or get involved?

Youth Arts Program

The Youth Arts Program SCH works with young people to develop arts-based projects and initiatives that aim to promote positive access to health care access and treatment by giving young people a platform to creatively connect to their experiences and share their stories.

  • Email them to find out what brill community projects you can be a part of and build your artist profile!

Youth Council SCHN: Health:

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Looking for more support?

We've found these services, many of which offer programs for young people.

If you know of a support group that's not on this list, please tell us so we can share da love!