Comforting your child

It is important to prepare your child before coming to hospital. Children should be given some information a few days beforehand at a level suitable for their age and understanding.

Children able to understand such things can be told:

  • that they are going to hospital
  • that they will be having an operation or procedure
  • some basic information about what will happen to them in hospital and how long they will stay in hospital.

It is important to be truthful and honest with your child and encourage them to ask questions. 

It is tempting to think it might be easier not to mention too much to your child because you don’t want to worry them.

Our experience is that most times your child will already be wondering what is going to happen.

Your child is likely to want some information because, like most of us, they like to prepare themselves for what’s coming up

You are welcome to bring your child’s favourite toy or comfort object into the anaesthetic room while they are going to sleep. This will help to reduce your child’s anxiety.

Last updated Thursday 2nd November 2023