What is orthotics?

Orthotics is the design, manufacture and application of orthoses. Orthoses are devices worn by patients to offer support, protection and correction to the musculoskeletal system and to enhance mobility.

How do we help children who need orthoses?

Sydney Children’s Hospital Network (SCHN) encompasses the two largest and busiest orthotic departments operated by NSW health, one at The Children’s Hospital Westmead (CHW), and one at Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick (SCHR), which is a shared service with the Prince of Wales Hospital.

Orthotists attend outpatient clinics, wards, Emergency departments and operating theatres in the capacity of orthotic service provision, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Assess, prescribe and oversee manufacture of the orthoses
  • Provide expert orthotic advice in the role of a multidisciplinary team member to enhance patient outcomes
  • Instruct patients and parents in the function, fit and care of the orthosis and ensure the patient leaves the department with a safe and well functioning orthosis
  • Arrange follow up reviews where appropriate and offer ongoing technical and professional support to the patient and local therapists when necessary
  • Provide teaching in matters relating to orthotics to other health professionals and the wider community
  • Support the ongoing developments of orthotic innovation in a sustainable manner
  • Provide ongoing student placements to orthotic students from La Trobe University
  • Foster collaboration and work in a collaborative manner with other health professionals for the provision of orthotic services across the SCHN.