Camps for kids with arthritis

Photo of 3 adolescent girls at Footloose camp.

Camp Footloose, an annual camp for young people with arthritis. The camp provides an opportunity for kids from 9 to 18 yrs to have fun, meet other kids with arthritis and challenge themselves in a safe and supportive environment.

Older Australians are aware of arthritis but many people, including health professionals, are not aware that arthritis affects children and not only in their joints but can also cause inflammation in their eyes which can lead to vision loss.

Arthritis in children is managed with medication and injections, with around 60 per cent of young people grow out of their arthritis. Unfortunately, 40% of children do continue to have arthritis into adulthood. The young people who have these for longer often have more severe disease and have a greater chance of having joint damage or limitations from their arthritis.

Dr Singh-Grewal said “Camp Footloose was a chance for the children to master new skills, discover ways to manage their conditions, build resilience and develop support networks.

“So if someone’s in pain we’re able to help them and talk them through it, rather than not really knowing what they’re going through or thinking they’re different”.

Arthritis NSW offers Camps for Kids with Arthritis

Last updated Friday 5th April 2024