Make a REACH call

You know your child best. We want to work with you to ensure your child gets the best care possible.

REACH is a system that enables patients, parents and carers to escalate concerns if they are worried that your child is getting sicker while in hospital.

REACH was developed by the NSW Clinical Excellence Commission.

(R) Recognise

Recognise your child is getting sicker.

(E) Enage

Engage your child’s nurse or doctor, tell them you’re worried.

(A) Act

Act if you are still concerned by asking your nurse to call for a “Clinical Review”.

(C) Call

CALL for a “Rapid Response” if you are not satisfied or your child has not improved.

(H) Help

Help can be called for at any time by dialling 2222 on any hospital phone, an emergency response team will arrive quickly. 

Last updated Sunday 5th November 2023