Families and consumer council

We are looking to engage with a diverse range of families and community members that have experience with our services to help shape our future.

The Families and Consumer Council (FACC) is made up of parents, carers and community members who want to make positive changes within our services. 

The FACC meets every two months to share ideas and work to improve how we deliver care.

We'll hear you out and share your insights and perspectives on health issues to the relevant department or team. 

The FACC listens to the needs and concerns of patients and families accessing our hospitals and services to improve the patient experience and deliver the best care. 

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For more information on the SCHN Families and Consumer Council please contact the Patient Friend on (02) 9382 0680 or email SCHN-PatientandFamilyEngagement@health.nsw.gov.au

Last updated Tuesday 19th March 2024