Accomodation for parents, Westmead

The accommodation coordinator can tell you about the type and cost of accommodation available for you while your child is in hospital.

Although you cannot pre-book accommodation at the hospital, you can phone the accommodation coordinator on (02) 7825 2958 to discuss the options before you arrive.

Please be aware, the hospital is not able to provide accommodation for any siblings, apart from babies who are breastfed.

On the ward

Single sofa beds are provided free of charge at each child’s bedside, except in

  • Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU),
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (nICU)
  • Emergency department
  • Hall Ward.

For these parents, please see the Parents’ Hostel information below. As space is limited, there is room for only one parent to stay with each child by the bedside.

Most wards have two parent rooms (for one or two people) which are allocated by the nursing unit manager. Availability of these rooms is very limited and a number of factors are taken into account when a room is allocated.


There is a fee per room per night.

Parents’ Hostel

The Parents’ Hostel on level two has a small number of rooms that can sleep up to two adults. 

Priority is given to families with children in PICU and nICU. Except for breastfed babies, we are not able to accommodate siblings in the Parents’ Hostel.


There is a fee per room per night.

For more information, phone the Parents’ Hostel on (02) 7925 2958.

Ronald McDonald House

This facility is available for country families and families who need to stay at the Hospital for a long time. For more information, phone the Ronald McDonald House Manager on (02) 7825 0600.

Find out more about Ronald McDonald House


Other accommodation

There are several accommodation options in Westmead and surrounding suburbs. For more information, phone the accommodation coordinator on (02) 7825 2958 or the social work department on (02) 7825 2641. 

NSW Isolated Patients’ Travel and Accommodation Scheme (IPTAAS)

The IPTAAS reimbursement scheme is for rural families living over 100kms from the hospital and offers assistance with travel and accommodation expenses.

For further information or to obtain an application for assistance form, please contact your nearest IPTAAS office, family doctor, or the social work department on (02) 9382 1021.

Useful contacts

Accommodation coordinator

(02) 7825 2958

Social work department

(02) 7825 2641

Last updated Tuesday 14th May 2024