Admission at Westmead

What to do if your admission and surgery are on different days 

Confirm a bed is available

Please phone the Booking Office on (02) 7825 2300 from 10.30am to 11.30am on the day that your child will be admitted, to confirm there is a bed available.


Refer to the letter sent to you

Please refer to the letter that was sent to you.

It will have information about your medical admission and any instructions to follow before you arrive. 

If you live more than four hours away from the Hospital

If you live more than four hours' drive away from the Hospital, the Booking Office will contact you two days before your admission date to confirm your booking

How to confirm your child's admission and surgery if they are on the same day 

Confirm the booking

To confirm the booking, return the information sheet or reply slip sent to you so we can prepare for your child's surgery. 

Confirm the arrival date

The booking office will contact you by phone to confirm your arrival date three days before your child’s admission.

It is important you confirm at this time, otherwise your child’s surgery may be cancelled and need to be rebooked. 

Surgery ward contacts you

Someone from Middleton Ward (day surgery) will phone you, between 3pm and 8pm the day before you come to Hospital (or on Friday if surgery is booked for Monday), to discuss your arrival time and give you the fasting instructions for your child.

If you prefer, you may call Middleton Ward on (02) 7825 2222 to have this discussion the day before your child’s admission..




It is very important that you follow the fasting instructions  (when your child has to stop eating and drinking prior to surgery).

Your child’s operation may have to be cancelled if they have not fasted correctly. 

Before surgery 

Filling out the questionnaire before surgery

If your child is having surgery, you need to fill in a questionnaire before coming to Hospital.

You may have already completed the questionnaire at a previous doctor’s consultation.

The questionnaire is reviewed by the pre-admission nurse at the Hospital to decide if your child needs to come to the Pre-Admission Testing Service (PATS) Clinic.

If your child needs to come to the PATS Clinic, you will be notified by phone or letter.

The PATS Clinic will assess your child’s health and to do any tests that are needed before surgery.

If your child is not well

If your child is unwell and you are not sure if you should bring them to Hospital for their surgery, please phone the Booking Office on (02) 9845 2300 for advice.

Your child’s surgery may need to be rebooked for another date if it is not safe to go ahead.

Last updated Sunday 5th November 2023