Visiting Westmead

Visiting hours

Visiting hours (including siblings) on the wards are 10am to 8pm, with a rest period during the day. 

Only parents and carers may stay with their child during the rest period.

You can check with the ward for more information about rest period times.

Please ask family and friends not to visit during the rest period.

Ask the nursing manager for visiting hours on Wade Ward and Hall Ward at The Children's Hospital at Westmead. 

Intensive Care Unit

Only two people at a time, including parents/carers, are allowed to visit a child in the Intensive Care Unit.

Friends and family may only visit a child who is in intensive care if the parent or carer has told staff first. 

Restricted access 

All wards have limited access after visiting hours and only parents/ carers can be on the ward after hours.

Some areas of the Hospital, such as the Intensive Care Units, have restricted access and are locked 24 hours a day.

Children and siblings 

Children should always visit with an adult.

If you don’t want to take your other children to the ward, the Hospital offers child minding, Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm and on weekends between 10am and 2pm. 

There is a small fee for the child minding service. 

If visitors have a cold or another illness

Sick children pick up infections very easily. If visitors have a cold or another illness, please ask them not to visit.

If you think you have been in contact with a contagious illness, such as chicken pox or measles, please do not visit the Hospital.

If you are unsure, please phone the Hospital to get some advice.

We cannot allow friends and family to visit your child if you are not there, unless you have notified the ward in advance.

The staff on the ward will discuss this process with you.

Hospital map

See our hospital map to view a level by level directory of our services, facilities, wards and clinical areas. 

Last updated Wednesday 21st February 2024