Phones, TV and Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi and internet access 

  • Wi-Fi is available for patients and families within the Hospital free of charge
  • select _HealthGuestWiFi_SCH and follow the prompts. 

Mobile phones

Mobile phones can be used at the end of the patient’s bed but not near the front of the bed as it may interfere with the electro-medical equipment. Phone charging units are available on most wards.

Public phones

Public phones can be found at the northern end of the main corridor on level 0,  and the Prince of Wales Hospital foyer (Barker Street).


Televisions are available free of charge at most bedsides in the wards.

Oneview entertainment system 

In several wards, a Oneview tablet is available at the bedside for you and your child to use at no cost. The tablet can be used to:

  • watch TV, movies and storybook videos
  • play games
  • access the internet and social media
  • fill out a survey about your time in hospital.

To get started simply turn on the device and enter the patient’s date of birth. If you need further assistance, please ask your nurse for help. 

Last updated Wednesday 21st February 2024