Quick list — Departments of Sydney Children's Hospital

Clinical operations — critical care

Emergency Department

Provides emergency care, 24 hours a day for children under 16 years of age, with acute illness or injury. Ph (02) 9382-1032

Intensive Care ( CICU ) Unit

The Unit provides clinical care for very sick infants and children that have unstable system disorders like cardiovascular, respiratory, central nervous system and neuromuscular illnesses requiring physiological monitoring and support of system function. Comprehensive level 6 children's intensive care. Clinical care for very sick infants and children. Consultative service. Ph (02) 9382-1156

Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Surgery

Provides consultative, diagnostic and procedural services for children with congenital and acquired heart diseases and is part of the NSW Children's Heart Service. Ph (02) 9382-1872

Clinical operations — medical and diagnostic

Asthma Education Service

Asthma education service to patients, families and health professionals. Ward inservice/hospital inservice asthma education to nursing staff, medical staff, medical students. Lectures to community groups, others Health Institutions and College of Nursing. Asthma Telehealth Seminar to nurses and Doctors ph (02) 9382-1521

Audiology - Hearing Clinic

Audiological assessment and diagnosis of patients with hearing disorders Central diagnostic site for the GESCHN area. Ph (02) 9382-2274

Behaviour Management

Assessment and management of behavioural disorders such as enuresis, encopresis, sleep problems, feeding difficulties, crying babies and Attention Deficit Disorders. 9382-1470

Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program

Comprehensive staged brain injury services encompassing acute phase, rehabilitation, specialist support and long-term follow up. Inpatient, outpatient and outreach services are available to anyone who has sustained a head injury. Ph (02) 9382-1590

Care by Parent Unit

The unit is for inpatients allowing parents to actively participate in the care of their children’s total needs with only minimal nursing intervention and supervision.The unit is staffed from Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm, ph (02) 9382-1301

Cerebral Palsy and Movement Disorders Services

This Statewide service provides multidisciplinary consultation in the management of movement disorders in Cerebral Palsy patients. Children and their families can be seen by a rehabilitation doctor, orthopaedic surgeon and allied health staff in a co-ordinated service. Comprehensive assessment of the child may take place over several days and be co-ordinated with other medical appointments, if possible. Referrals to be made to the Rehabilitation Department. See also Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program entry. Ph (02) 9382-1685

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service

To provide a broad range of mental health services for children, adolescents and their families. For Children under 12 years call (02) 9382-8213 For Children over 12 years call (02) 9382-4347 or (02) 9382-4347/8213

Child Protection Unit

To provide forensic medical and counselling health services for children and their families following allegations of child abuse and neglect. Ph (02) 9382-1412/1413

Cleft Lip and Palate Clinic

The Clinic provides consultative and management services for cleft lip and palate patients as well as multidisciplinary early post natal consultation. 9382-1470

Clinical Psychology

Assessment, diagnosis and therapy for children with emotional, behavioural and cognitive difficulties. Ph (02) 9382-1021

Clinical Services

Manage and coordinate clinical administrative and governance functions of the hospital. Ph (02) 9382-1770

Cystic Fibrosis Clinic

To provide diagnostic consultative multidisciplinary ongoing care. Ph (02) 9382-1477

Dental and Oral Surgery Department

Emergency and special dental care for inpatients. Special dental care for medically & surgically compromised inpatients. Ph (02) 9382-2245


The Service provides diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders and diseases, including birthmarks, haemangiomas, moles, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and acne or pimples, in babies and children. Ph (02) 9382-1470

Developmental Clinic - Tumbatin

Provides diagnostic and assessment services, counselling and support for families of children with developmental delay. Diagnosis of development delay and disability. Counselling, advice and support for families with a child with a developmental disability. Referral and liaison with appropriate agencies for services to children with developmental disabilities. Ph (02) 9382-8191

Ear Nose and Throat ( ENT ) Surgery - Otolaryngology

Consultative service, diagnostic and therapeutic in ENT and head and neck surgery. Ph (02) 9382-1470

Endocrinology Service

Evaluation and treatment of endocrinological disorders in children and adolescents. Consultation and / or long term management of diabetes mellitus in children and adolescents. Ph (02) 9382-1456

Epidermolysis Bullosa Clinic

Interdisciplinary assessment and support for children with Epidermolysis Bullosa (cotton wool babies) Ph (02) 9382-1414

Feeding Clinic - Outpatients

Outpatient service for children with concerns in the areas of growth and nutrition and feeding skills. Ph (02) 9382-1021


The Service manages children with gastrointestinal, liver, feeding and nutritional disorders. Ph (02) 9382-1752

Genetics services

Provides diagnostic services and counselling for children and families with genetic diseases and birth defects. Ph (02) 9382-1704

HIV - Human Immunodeficiency Virus (AIDS) and Related Diseases Service

The HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) service provides comprehensive health care to all families in NSW regardless of where the children receive their medical treatment. The unit includes a Clinical Nurse Consultant, Social worker, Family support officer and three medical officers. Advice and investigation for hepatitis viruses is also available. Ph (02) 9382-1515

Infectious Diseases - Communicable Diseases

Consultative service, ph (02) 9382-1508

Immunology and Allergy

The Service assesses, investigates, and where required, manages immunodeficiency disorders, autoimmune diseases and allergic disorders. Ph (02) 9382-1515

Kids Cancer Centre

Provides investigation and treatment of children with haematologic and oncological disorders and diseases requiring Bone Marrow or Cord Blood Transplantation. Ph (02) 9382-1721

Learning Difficulties Clinic

Assessment of children with learning difficulties. Ph (02) 9382-1296

Limb Management Service

To provide a coordinated multidisciplinary service to children with amputations and congenital limb deficiencies. Ph (02) 9382-1685

Medical Imaging Department ( Radiology - X ray )

Diagnostic and interventional paediatric radiology.Ph (02)  9382-0301/2

Medicine - General

To provide consultant and general paediatric medicine service for children and adolescents attending the hospital. Ph (02) 9382-1729

Metabolic & Biochemical Genetic Services

Consultative service to general paediatricians and subspecialists involved in the care of children with inborn errors of metabolism. Ph (02) 9382-1700

Motion Analysis Service

To provide a coordinated multidisciplinary service to assist in analysing problems in walking in children with physical disabilities, including limping, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, spinal injury, limb deficiency and amputations. The service is provided through collaboration between Sydney Children's Hospital and the University of New South Wales School of Safety Science. The aims of the collaboration are to provide a facility for undertaking routine pre and post operative gait analysis for the purpose of clinical assessment; undertake collaborative research in the field of biomechanics, rehabilitation and physiotherapy; encourage the development of skills in clinical biomechanics and encourage and promote research in these fields. Ph (02) 9382-1595

Muscle Diseases Clinic

Consultative service and continuing care Ph (02) 9382-1708


Consultative service for inpatients and outpatients with kidney disease; paediatric dialysis and transplantation service. Ph (02) 9382-1646


Assessment and management of neurological (brain) problems in children of all ages.Ph (02) 9382-1549

Neuromuscular Service

Provides a multi-disciplinary service and continuing care for children with neuromuscular disorders. Ph (02) 9382-1845


Provides for all neurosurgical and craniofacial problems in children including tumours, head injuries, spinal cord surgery, endoscopic neurosurgery and the surgical treatment of epilepsy. Ph (02) 9382-1470

Nuclear Medicine

The Service provides consultative and diagnostic scanning services for children. Ph (02) 9382-2200

Nutrition and Dietetic Services

The Service provides assessment, advice and counselling for children of all ages with general and specific nutritional concerns. Ph (02) 9382-1021

Ophthalmology - Eye Service

The Clinic provides a consultative and diagnostic service for paediatric outpatients with ophthalmic diseases. Ph (02) 9382-2261


Consultative, non operative and operative management of all traumatic, acute or elective conditions affecting the musculo-skeletal system in the growing child. Ph (02) 9382-1470


Provision of orthoses (new term encompassing braces, splints, callipers, surgical appliances) to support, correct, protect, immobilise, assist or resist joint motion and protect impaired parts of the body including legs, arms and the spine. The orthotist provides assessment; prescription and design; measurement and/or casting; manufacture fitting and supply; and review of custom made orthoses or the custom fitting of stock orthoses. Ph (02) 9382-8184

Outpatients Department

The Department provides outpatient services to all children who are not in hospital. Some services are supplied on an outreach basis and are referred to under individual disciplines. Many clinics provided on site at Sydney Children's Hospital are multidisciplinary involving several subspecialties and associated support staff. Patients may be referred to individual clinicians by name or to generic clinics. Children may be immunized in the immunization clinic. The majority of outpatient services provided are listed under individual subspecialties in this Directory. Ph (02) 9382-1470

Pathology - Anatomical

Consultative and laboratory services Ph (02) 9382-9174
Pathology - Laboratory services (SEALS)
Diagnostic laboratories Ph (02) 9382-9092

Pain Management Service

A comprehensive service which offers consultation and management in all forms of children's pain including acute and chronic pain management for inpatients, and a multidisiplinary pain management clinic. Information and referral service regarding all aspects of children's pain. Ph (02) 9382-1625/1817

Palliative Medicine Services

Consultative service for assistance with management of children who have life-limiting illnesses across a broad range of diagnoses, both non-malignant and malignant (cancer); particularly in relation to pain and symptom management of children who are dying, addressing psychosocial issues and linking to locally available community palliative care services when appropriate. Ph (02) 9382-0035


The Service provides a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical services to inpatients and outpatients and advises other pharmaceutical services and clinicians in NSW about all matters relating to the preparation and supply of medication to children. Ph (02) 9382-1367


Assessment and treatment of children with physical problems and disabilities. 9382-1050

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Consultative, non operative and operative management of a wide variety of deformities in children including birth defects and deformities due to trauma, cancer and disease. 9382-1470


The Service assesses children for rehabilitation and manages their traumatic and non-traumatic brain injuries, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries/dysfunction, amputations, diseases affecting neurological and musculoskeletal systems, and gait analysis. Ph (02) 9382-1685/1595

Respiratory Medicine Department

The Department diagnoses and provides ongoing care for children with chronic respiratory problems including asthma, chronic lung disease of infancy, pulmonary complications of other medical and surgical diseases. Ph (02) 9382-1477


Consultative service. 9382-1515

School Therapy Team for Students with a Physical Disability (STT)

A multidisciplinary allied health service to assist school students with a physical disability to access and participate in their school community. The service is offered to students attending schools in the Local Government Areas- Botany, Randwick, Sydney, Waverley and Woollahra (from Sydney Harbour to Botany Bay). Ph (02) 9382-0258

Scoliosis Clinic

Consultations, assessment and management. Ph (02) 9382-1470

Sleep Medicine Service

The Service provides a comprehensive assessment, management and advisory service to children with sleep and related problems. Ph (02) 9382-1210

Social work

Assessment and counselling of children and parents with personal concerns and problems. These may relate to adjustment to illness, communication between family members and understanding and adjusting to the hospital system.Ph (02)  9382-1021

Speech Pathology

Assessment, diagnosis and treatment for children who are unable to communicate effectively. Assessment, diagnosis and treatment for infants and children with feeding and swallowing difficulties Ph (02) 9382-1297

Spina Bifida Clinic

To provide a comprehensive and co-ordinated multi-disciplinary service to children with neural tube defects. Ph (02) 9382-1595

Statewide Infant Screening - Hearing Service (SWISH)

SWISH is an Area-based service providing free hearing screening to newborns in seven maternity hospitals and to neonates transferred from across the state to Sydney Children's Hospital. Hearing screening is conducted by trained hearing screeners at each site. Ph (02) 9382-1462

Sydney Cord Blood Bank ( SCBB )

Collection, Banking and Release of Cord Blood for public use. Ph (02) 9382-0371

Sydney Craniofacial Unit

Assessment and treatment of abnormalities of the skull and face. Ph (02) 9382-1544


Provides inpatient Video-EEG Telemetry service for the diagnosis and classification of epilepsy. Also performs pre-surgical assessment and intra-cranial monitoring for children with intractable epilepsy. Ph (02) 9382-1298

Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic

A multidisciplinary service devoted to the care of children and families who have Tuberous Sclerosis Complex. Available services include Neurology, Genetics, Renal, Cardiology and Dermatology. Ph (02) 9382-1718


Consultation and treatment of surgical kidney / renal problems Ph (02) 9382-1923

Clinical operations — priority populations

Child and Family Health Service

To provide health care and support to families with children 0-5 years by assessment, early identification, prevention and referral as indicated. This service is provided mainly in early childhood health clinics and occasionally the home (if required).Ph (02) 9382-0932

Community Child Health

The Community Child Health Service provides developmental assessments, refugee services and Aboriginal clinics. School based health assessments and child health education for community groups are also provided in areas of need. Ph (02) 9382-8472

Consumer Involvement and Multicultural Health

The role of this unit is to implement the Hospital’s consumer participation strategy, respond to issues and concerns about the quality and adequacy of services raised by consumers, facilitate the resolution of complaints, ensure services meet the needs of culturally diverse groups and establish mechanisms to ensure their health priorities are clearly defined and met. To listen to suggestions and concerns expressed by patients, families and carers about the quality and adequacy of the hospital's services. To ensure that concerns are heard and addressed appropriately by the right staff. To support the development of consumer participation strategies across the hospital. Ph (02) 9382-1575

Diversity Health Unit

Developing appropriate services for culturally diverse communities. Ph (02) 9382-3343

Clinical operations — surgery and anaesthetics


Provides a comprehensive anaesthesia service to all paediatric surgery as well as radiotherapy, radiology and oncology patients. Also supplies a consultative service to Intensive Care, Emergency and Pain Units. Ph (02) 9382-1817

Surgery - General

The Service manages surgical conditions of new-borns, infants and adolescents. Ph (02) 9382-1776

Clinical operations — CARPA

Hospital School

Education of hospitalised students by the NSW Department of Education & Training School staff. Liaison with student's home school. Team approach. 9382-1510

Occupational Therapy ( OT )

To provide help for babies, children and adolescents, and their parents, who have difficulty gaining, regaining or maintaining mastery over every day activities and routines due to illness, disability or a change in function. This can include any purposeful and meaningful activity, task or routine that the baby, child, adolescent or parent performs each day. For example, sleeping and feeding, bathing, dressing and toileting, playing and socialising, writing, computing, leisure activities, and community living skill development may the focus. Ph (02) 9382-1073

Play and Music Therapy

To reduce the impact and stress of hospitalisation through creative therapeutic activities. Ph (02) 9382-1531

Nursing and midwifery

Nursing Services

The Service provides management, strategic direction, support and coordination for all nurses working within Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick. Ph (02) 9382-1892/3

Practice Development Unit - Nursing (NPDU)

The Unit provides leadership, consultation and support for practice developments and research in the nursing care of children, adolescents and their families. 9382-1784

Nutritional Support Nurse

Provide comprehensive lactation / nutritionall / maternal nursing service for patients, parents and the community Ph (02) 9382-1520

Finance and corporate services

Corporate Services - Finance - Information Technology

To manage and coordinate all corporate, administrative, financial and technology functions of the Hospital. Ph (02) 9382-1308

Information Technology

Provision of Information Technology service to the Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick. Ph (02) 9382-1698

Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation

The Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation is the principal fundraising body for Sydney Children's Hospital and is dedicated to working with the community to raise money. 9382-1188

Professional and Educational Development Service (PaEDS)

The Service facilitates orientation, clinical practice and professional development programs for nursing and allied health staff. Ph (02) 9382-1523


Art Program

Consultative service for the acceptance/commissioning and display of artworks that complies with Sydney Children's Hospital policy. Ph (02) 9382-1188

Pain Research Unit

The Unit aims to improve current knowledge and practices in the field of paediatric pain, through researching a wide range of aspects of children's pain, including pain assessment and pain management practices. 9382-1585

POW Place - Community Child Care Centre

Provision of long day care for children from three months to five years and night care for children up to twelve years of age. 9382-2058

Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House provides accommodation for country families whose children are being treated at Sydney Children's Hospital as inpatients, or outpatients. Ph (02) 9382-1622

Chaplaincy Services

Pastoral care. Ph (02) 9382-2188


Executive Unit - Administration and Management Group

Administration and coordination of Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick services; liaison with Area Offices, other facilities and agencies. 9382-1761

Community relations and marketing

Public Affairs

To positively promote the Hospital and its services to various target audiences including media, interest groups, businesses, members of the general public and staff. Ph (02) 9382-3571

Workforce development

Human Resources Services

To provide advice and assistance on all Human Resources issues to both staff and management of Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick. Ph (02) 9382-1878 or (02) 9382-1813

Education - General Practitioner( GP ) and Community Health Education

The Unit provides comprehensive education services about paediatric and adolescent health, and welfare issues to parents, carers, teachers, child care workers and other health professionals. General Practitioner further education - Annual paediatric education programs for GP's throughout NSW and ACT. Community Health Education - Provision of comprehensive education services on paediatric and adolescent health, and welfare issues to parents, carers, teachers, child care workers and other health professionals. Ph (02) 9382-1855

Junior Medical Staff Administration

Management of junior medical staff issues, including recruitment of new staff. Ph (02) 9382-1760

School of Women's and Children's Health - UNSW

The School is responsible for the administration of undergraduate and post-graduate paediatric teaching and research. Ph (02) 9382-1799