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Plan an accessible trip on public transport

Find information to help you plan an accessible trip on public transport in NSW whether you have an assistance animal, use a mobility aid or want to find out which concessions are available to you.

Refine your accessible trip results by choosing options and selecting the accessibility check box.

With the Trip Planner, you can also:

  • get real-time service information and view route maps
  • save your favourite trips
  • copy and share a link to your trip plan
  • print a copy of your trip plan

Transport Bot

Transport Bot can answer your day-to-day travel questions, tell you the best way to get to where you want to go and notify you of service disruptions that could impact your regular commute. You can also leave feedback and chat to someone if you need more assistance.

If you are travelling with a wheelchair or scooter

Check that your wheelchair fits the mobility aid specifications for public transport.

Not all trains, buses, ferries or coaches are accessible with a mobility device like a wheelchair or scooter. When you use the Trip Planner, you can search for and see accessible services indicated by the wheelchair symbol in the search results.

Travel alerts

On the day of travel, check for travel alerts including out-of-order lifts and toilets. Arrive early for your service and allow plenty of travel time for your trip.

Accessibility on your mode of transport

Each mode of transport has different considerations for accessible travel.

Check the features and travel tips for each mode via Transport for NSW:

If you cannot use public transport

Taxi subsidy scheme

If you have extra needs and cannot use public transport services, you may qualify for the Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme or other modes of transport. 

If you are a resident of NSW and are unable to use public transport because of a severe and permanent disability, you may be eligible to a subsidy of 50% of a taxi fare, up to a maximum subsidy of $60 and only pay the remaining fare. This includes travel in wheelchair accessible taxis.

Find out more about eligibility and how to apply

Booking a wheelchair accessible taxi

Different wheelchair accessible taxis operate in NSW, including flashcabs, mini buses and people movers.

Each vehicle is designed to enable you and your wheelchair to travel safely and can accommodate one or more wheelchairs.

Find out more about booking a wheelchair accessible taxi

Community transport

Community transport is a service for eligible seniors, pensioners, those with accessibility needs or those who have limited access to public transport.

If you need transport to medical appointments or someone to help you with errands, you may be eligible for community transport services.

The service is especially designed to help you get to medical appointments, participate in social activities, do your shopping and maintain independent living at home.

Find a community transport operator near you.

NDIS transport funding

If your disability makes it uncomfortable or impossible for you to use public transport, the NDIS may provide funding to access taxis, rideshares, community transport, and other suitable transport methods.

The amount of transport allowance the NDIS provides each year depends on your personal situation and how often you work or study.

Use the Provider Finder tool to find an NDIS approved transport service near you.

Vision Impaired Person (VIP) Travel Pass

If you're severely vision impaired, you can apply for a vision impaired person's (VIP) travel pass. The VIP travel pass entitles you and your attendant (if applicable) to free travel on on public transport in NSW.

You can also apply for a free Opal card at the same time.

Apply for an Assistance Animal Permit

If you'd like your assistance animal to travel with you on public transport, you must apply for an accepted type of accreditation, like the Assistance Animal Permit issued by Transport for NSW. 

This accreditation will allow your animal to ride with you, free of charge on all NSW metro, train, bus, ferry, light rail, taxi, private bus and private ferry services.

Free travel for companions

Under the National Companion Card Scheme, your carer or companion can travel free on public transport in NSW when they travel with you. You pay your normal fare, which will depend on your concession status.

The person supporting you on your trip travels for free if your concession card or Opal card is marked 'plus attendant'.

Transport apps

Last updated Tuesday 27th February 2024