Apply for these cards

Play your cards right by applying for the ones below! They will be super helpful in your transition to adult healthcare services. 

Medicare card

When you turn 15 you can have your own Medicare card. You use this card to access health services paid for by the Australian government.

Visit our 'Medicare related' page for a step-by-step guide to applying for a Medicare card.

NSW Photo Card

There may be times when your young person needs to present proof of their identity. The NSW Photo Card provides photo identification for people who do not hold a current NSW driver licence or other form of photo identification.

You can use it to open bank accounts or enter licensed premises. This card is available free of charge for young people who have a current Pensioner Concession Card issued by Centrelink (e.g. Disability Support Pension). 

Opal card

If you have a Pensioner Concession Card issued by any Australian state or territory, you are entitled to concession fares on public transport in NSW. You must also carry your Pensioner Concession Card when you travel as proof of entitlement. 

Once you have your Pensioner Concession Card, you will need it to apply for a Gold Opal card for trips in Sydney and surrounding areas, or when booking a trip on Regional trains and coaches. You can also plan an accessible trip

NSW Companion Card

The NSW Companion Card is for people with significant and permanent disability who have a lifelong need for a high level of care to participate in community events and activities. The Companion Card allows a person’s carer free entry into participating venues and events.

Last updated Thursday 11th April 2024