How to improve your medical experience

From personalised information folders to photo stories, here are some tools that help improve the medical experience of people with disability, and their communication with health professionals. 

Admission2Discharge (A2D) Together

A2D helps improve the hospital experience of people with an intellectual disability, their carers, families and support staff.

The main resource is the 'A2D Folder' which helps transfer information from home to hospital. It includes how the patient communicates, special diet needs, treatment and medication and more. 

My Health Matters folder

 My Health Matters folder was Developed by the Council for Intellectual Disability, My Health Matters is an easy read folder created to improve communication between people with an intellectual disability and their healthcare providers.

Say Less, Show More

Say Less, Show More seeks to encourage routine testing through a series of simple photo stories (visuals) that illustrate what happens during a physical examination or blood test. 


TOP 5 is a simple process that encourages health professionals to engage with carers to gain valuable non-clinical information to help personalise care.

This information is documented on a TOP 5 form and made available to every member of the care team to improve communication between the patient, the carer and the health care team.

Last updated Thursday 11th April 2024