Intellectual disability checklist

Use this checklist to identify the skills you already have and the areas where you may need to increase your knowledge before you and your child leave paediatric health services.

Connect with a GP close to home

Your GP can do an annual "Health Assessment for people with an Intellectual Disability" which helps monitor and manage chronic concerns.

Update your child's health history

Use MyHealth Record to update health information and medical history. 

Prepare a detailed medical summary

Ask about ongoing treatment and what it involves after leaving the children’s hospital. Ask for copies of relevant test results and clinic letters. Ensure that a detailed medical summary is prepared for the new adult care team.

Medical equipment and supplies

Learn how to order equipment and supplies – there may be major differences in their adulthood care.

Private health insurance

If relevant, find out about private health insurance and whether your child will be covered.

Meet with the adult healthcare team

When possible, meet with members of the adult  healthcare team before you move and find out about making appointments, parking/access, location of clinics, staying overnight etc.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Be aware of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and its role for your child. You can apply and relevant support. If leaving school, find out NDIS supported post-school options.

Check in with Centrelink

Some concessions and financial support may change at 16 years old.

Get in touch

Reach out to your local health district’s Transition Care Coordinator

Paula Carroll, Western Area Transition Care Coordinator

Silvana Techera, South Eastern Area Transition Care Coordinator

Angie Myles, Northern Area Transition Care Coordinator

Last updated Thursday 11th April 2024