Westmead ward list

Here is a list of wards that treat young patients at The Children's Hospital at Westmead.

Wards are for patients staying overnight or longer. Some wards care for a range of patients but many of them cater to children with specific disease or conditions.

Camperdown ward

The Camperdown ward provides inpatient care for children receiving treatment for cancer. Services include chemotherapy and radiotherapy, supportive therapy for immunosuppressed children, stem cell transplantation and stem cell harvesting (apheresis), as well as radioactive isolation for children receiving MIBG or other radioablative therapies.

Camperdown Ward has Hepa-filtered positive pressure air conditioning. This helps to protect patients who are immunosupressed.
To help maintain positive pressure, please keep the bedroom door closed at all times.

Phone: (02) 7825 1123

Clancy ward

Clancy Ward cares for children who have liver problems, kidney problems, metabolic conditions, diabetes, blood disorders and children who are waiting for or have had a liver/kidney transplant.

Phone: (02) 7825 1302

Clubbe ward

Clubbe Ward is a 16 bed unit, providing a paediatric State-wide Burn Injury Service. The Unit also specialises in plastic surgery, general surgery and care of patients with various medical conditions. The ward also has an outpatient Burns and Plastic
Surgery Treatment Centre.

No hot drinks on ward– hot drinks can burn, so please don’t bring hot drinks to the ward.

We cannot give out the bedside telephone numbers. If you would like to receive calls to your child’s bedside phone, or want to call your child while you’re out of the Hospital, please call the ward using the phone number below and a nurse will transfer the call. We can’t transfer calls after 8pm.

There are a limited number of single rooms on the ward. These are allocated to patients based on their medical needs. 

Phone: (02) 7825 1114

Commercial Travellers ward

Commercial Travellers ward is an 18 bed ward that is made up of single, 2 bed, 4 bed and 6 bed rooms. Single rooms are
used for patients requiring isolation or specialised treatment. The ward also houses the 4-bed Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU).

It provides person-centred neuroscience nursing care to infants, children and adolescents with illnesses and injuries related to the central nervous system, and craniofacial abnormalities.

Electroencephalogram (EEG)

If your child requires an EEG, this will be done in the Neurology department on level 3, opposite Variety ward. Nursing staff will tell you how to find your way.

Phone: (02) 7825 1134 

Edgar Stephens ward

Edgar Stephen ward is a cardiology and cardiothoracic ward caring for babies, children and adolescents who have structural heart defects, heart failure and heart rhythm abnormalities.

Staff on the ward are skilled in caring for children with heart problems and can help you along your journey with any information you may need. 

Phone: (02) 7825 0000

Grace Centre for Newborn Care

The Grace Centre for Newborn Care is a statewide service for newborns caring for sick newborn infants requiring cardiac and surgical treatment, or the management of complex medical disorders.

Phone: (02) 7825 0000

Hall ward

The Hall ward is the acute mental health ward for the department of psychological medicine. The ward cares for children aged 6-15 years old who are experiencing acute emotional, behavioural or psychological disturbances. 

The ward is a secure (locked) ward with 8 beds and aims to provide care in a minimal restrictive environment. 

Hall ward visiting hours: 

  • Monday to Friday 4:00pm - 8:00pm 
  • Saturday and Sunday 10:00am – 8:00pm

Phone: (02) 7825 1112

Hunter Baillie ward

The Hunter Baillie ward looks after children 0 to 11 years. Bed numbers vary from 19-29 depending on the time of year. Hunter Baillie cares for patients with a wide range of conditions including respiratory illnesses, feeding and sleeping difficulties, eczema, gastro-intestinal problems, metabolic disorders, rare syndromes as well as occasional minor and major surgical cases.


Mothers may need  to express regularly  to maintain supply.  We have a breast feeding/ expressing room for your privacy, near the nurse’s station. Electric pumps  are available for use.   If you have any problems with breastfeeding speak to the our nursing staff. 

Teats, dummies  and bottles

The hospital does provide limited teats, dummies and bottles for your convenience. You will be given a Milton pot to store teats and dummies, which is kept on your child’s locker. Bottles should be returned to the kitchen to be taken to the formula room for sterilising. 

Do not remove teats or dummies from the Milton pot in the kitchen, ask the nursing staff for help. Please take any teats or dummies home with you on discharge.  

Phone: (02) 7825 0000

Middleton ward (day surgery)

Middleton ward provides care for children requiring same day surgery and those arriving for day of surgery admission.

Phone: (02) 7825 0000

Orthopaedic ward

The Orthopaedic Ward cares for children with conditions that are affecting their bones, muscles or joints and who may or may not have had an operation. 

The ward provides care for orthopaedic cases including general orthopaedics, orthopaedic trauma, hip, scoliosis, spina bifida, cerebral palsy and neuromuscular disorders, limb lengthening and deformity correction, foot and ankle, upper extremity, congenital hand and hand trauma and musculoskeletal oncology. 

Phone: (02) 7825 0000

Surgical ward

Surgical ward provides care for children who have had surgery or may need surgery.

Phone: (02) 7825 0000

Turner ward (day stay and care by parent)

Turner ward is a unique combination of a Medical Day Stay Unit, Endocrine Testing Unit and Care by Parent Unit. The Medical Day Stay Unit is for children who need regular treatment or care either before or after a procedure where they  are given oral sedation or a general anaesthetic. 

The Endocrinology Testing Unit is an outpatient and day stay  unit where children come in for a short time for specialist testing  and treatment. 

The Care By Parent Unit provides accommodation for families  whose children need to be in hospital but don’t need 24 hour  nursing care. You will need to bring with you any medications, equipment or special food that your child needs, as well as clothes, nappies and any other item your child may need.

The patient and one parent will receive meals. While you’re staying in the Care By Parent Unit, nursing staff will help organise appointments, liaise with doctors and allied health professionals and also show  you and your child how to continue care when you get back home

Phone: (02) 7825 0000

Variety Club ward

Variety Club ward is an infectious unit that cares for children requiring isolation. The care needed ranges from infectious oncology and general medical patients, babies with respiratory illnesses, patients with infected eczema, gastro and other gastro intestinal diseases.

The Variety Club ward also cares for outlying non-infectious oncology patients and patients requiring bone marrow transplants. 

Variety Club ward is a general medical and isolation unit. We care for patients nursed in either single or double rooms. We care for a wide range of patients in this ward:

  •  contagious childhood diseases and contacts of those diseases,  e.g. chicken pox, measles, rubella or mumps
  • bronchiolitis eg RSV, influenza or parainfluenza
  • vaccine preventable diseases such as pertussis (whooping cough) and meningitis
  • dermatological conditions eg eczema
  • respiratory illnesses, such as asthma, pneumonia and  cystic fibrosis.

Phone: (02) 7825 0000

Wade ward

Wade ward is a 15 bed specialist adolescent unit that works in conjunction with the Adolescent Medical Unit (AMU) to provide a developmentally appropriate environment for young people who require treatment for various health issues. 

Before leaving the ward with your child, please check first with  the nurse that it is okay. If so, please write your name and where you’re going on the whiteboard near the nurses’ station. Please  leave us your contact number in case we need to get in touch  with you.

For the safety of children, families and staff, only patients and parents/carers are allowed on the ward outside visiting hours. Staff will open the door for you to enter or leave the ward after hours, check the signs near the ward doors for more information.

Phone: (02) 7825 0000

Last updated Thursday 9th May 2024