Cancer myths

Myth busters

Many myths about cancer exist that even adults believe. Find the most common myths below and explain them to your child and family too. 

Cancer is caused by something you did

Many parents and families believe cancer is caused by something they did. Cancer is not anyone's fault. Scientists are still looking for answers as to what causes cancer in children. 

Cancer is contagious

Cancer is NOT contagious. You cannot catch cancer from someone else. 

Cancer causes hair to fall out

Many children believe that the cancer causes their hair to fall out. It's actually the treatment (chemotherapy or radiation) that causes hair loss. 

Remember to tell your child that their hair will grow back after they finish treatment. 

Cancer in children is the same as in adults

Some children may know an adult who was very sick with cancer or even passed away. Today, children do very well with cancer treatments. They have more energy and cope better than adults with cancer. 

Last updated Wednesday 26th June 2024