Hair loss

Hair loss (Alopecia)

Some kinds of chemotherapy and radiotherapy may cause hair loss or thinning of the hair. Hair loss may start seven to ten days after treatment is given. In some cases, all the hair falls out. Nothing can be done to prevent hair loss. 

Hair loss management

Shaving/cutting hair

Some children and parents prefer to cut the hair as short as possible when hair starts to fall out. Others prefer to shave the head to keep the hair from falling out slowly. 

Hats and scarves

Many children wear hats or scarves, and some even buy a wig to wear until the hair grows back. 

The social worker can help your child to explore ways to deal with hair loss. 

Hair growth after treatment

Hair will usually grow back when the cancer treatment becomes milder or ends.

Your child's hair may be a slightly different colour or texture (curlier, thicker or thinner) than before the cancer treatment. 

In some cases, especially with high doses of radiation, the hair may not grow back where the radiation was given. 

Last updated Sunday 5th November 2023